Monday, January 23, 2012

Snake Dance

Today's picture shows a Hopi Snake Dance. The picture was taken in 1899. I am not sure if venomous snakes are used or not in this dance. In either case, I do not think I would want a live snake in my mouth.

OK, I hate to bring up the dreaded "embargo" topic, but I only got two comments on yesterday's post (at the time I went to bed there were only two comments). Hey, I had a cool picture of a cobra and snake charmers, I threw in some information on the Black Mamba, the most deadly of all snakes, and I had a full color picture of Handsome Jack trying to impress Lovie. Now if that does not warrant more than two comments, I am not sure what does. 


  1. Good morning, it is 8 above on it's way to 1 above. Hmmm, one of those days when the high is colder than the low of the morning.

    another 8 letter verifi

  2. I'm back from my trip, It is funny how many place say they have WI-FI and then you can't get connected to them unless you are in their lobby (and some don't have much of a lobby).
    I had a mixed bag of weather. I about blew away in Wyo. My wife said "I thought the wind blew in North Dakota (she is from Missouri) but The wind really does blow in Wyo".
    So is it that the weather in Wyo blows or does it suck, HMMM.

    Another 8 letter verifi

  3. Readers should be aware that comments could not be left to start with this morning and a lot of comments were lfet on yesterdays blog comment space.

    And I got a 5 letter verifi

  4. I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES. They are evil looking. When I was a kid I wasn't so much afraid of them, but I had a dream (nightmare) one night. I dreamed there were snakes coiled up between the road and the river bank. The only way to get to the river bank was to step in the center of each coiled up snake. So I went running down to the river, stepping in each coil. One wrapped tight around my leg. It felt so real, I woke up. It was the sheet. Since then I have been afraid of snakes.

  5. Super morning to all

    I looked and thought it was nice, however I had a busy-busy day and, and....well thats my excuse for not commenting.

    Todays pic is well, how do I say this, uh, well, ahem, yucky ugly. Now back for another look. There is something about your pictures, I keep returning for more.

  6. Now I can comment in the right place.

    Snakes! What kind of a nut would have a live snake in his mouth?

    We have a very large black snake here , about eight feet long. We call him Saladin. I let him strictly alone. Hopefully he helps keep the copperheads at bay.

    I have also seen my rather large cat kill small copperheads.

  7. Wow~ Snake Dance?!
    It's interesting.
    Thanks for nice picture.

  8. I live East of you, thanks for the dust!

  9. Not many snakes in Montreal, so I don't have any stories. I find the pictures a bit sad, but very interesting.
    It will be raining here later today, after a week of artic cold. So many contrasts.
    I like my word verifi today -

  10. DADD, ya gotta start staying at higher class joints when ya travel. Those places where they take cash and don't require any idea are OK if you are on the lam, but if you stay in one along the freeway that has a big lit up sign out front, you should get better internet access. Course, there aren't many freeways in Wyoming, and some of my worst motel experiences have been in Wyoming, but the Cowboy Cafe, in DuBois has the best breakfast anywhere.

    PJM, a lot of folks don't like snakes, period. I am not a great admirer of them myself, and didn't have much to say about them, so no posts. Also, I leave comments on a couple of other blogger blogs, and they don't have the verify word. If you got rid of it, it would make DADD happy.

    Six letters this time, and redable. Not too bad, I should be able to get it the first try

  11. Only 5 letters. Couldn't waste it!!

    Is this padding the count? Only PJM knows for sure.

  12. Actually The Motel was only a block off the Interstate, but I would never stay there again. We couldn't be to fussy because we were in Glendive Mt. and that is real close to the oil boom in North Dakota. It was storming. so getting a room is hard enough, so you don't get to fussy

    Only 6 this time

  13. I meant to comment on last Saturday's post that I've seen an account of a researcher feeding a mouse to a cobra to keep his (valuable) cobra alive. Result: mouse bites cobra, scurries off to one side of the cage and cleans his whiskers. Cobra dies within a few hours of infection from the bite. Wanted to provide source of this story, could not locate it in time available, hence did not comment. Will come back to this if I find the source in a week or so. Sorry.

  14. Sorry I didn't comment about the snakes and somehow I missed the pic of Handsome Jack. He is gorgeous, Lovie won't be able to resist him when the time is right.
    I happen to like snakes but of course we don't have any poisonous ones here. I think mostly they like to be left alone. To kill one just because it's a snake and it's there is not a good reason at all. Of course if it's threatening, that's different.

  15. we all read . . . but sometimes we don't all comment. Figure out how to count readers, not commenters. I've got sad, sorry stuff going on in my life; sometimes I am wordless; tongue tied.