Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snake Charmers

Today we feature a photograph from the late 1800's. Pictured is a group of snake charmers in Morocco. If I had to work on this team, I would apply for the job of drummer. He is the furthest from the snake, and in a pinch the drum might be able to be used as a shield.


  1. Here is another snake story.
    One year I was out antelope hunting with 2 of my brother. We normally split up to start with to get the lay of where the antelope are. I was sitting on top of a hill when I saw a herd of about 60 antelope walking along a ridge one valley over. They grazed along the ridge and then over to the side of it. I figured that if I ran through the valley and up to the top of the ridge a ways ahead of where the were grazing to. I could get all set up for a good shot at them. So I took off at a nice trot, and when I got to the bottom of the valley I step by a large clump of sage brush. I heard a sound that nobody had to tell me that was a Rattle Snake right beside my right foot. I didn't stop to look to make sure. All I did was throw my rifle at the sound and kept on running. After about 3 or 4 more steps I stopped and went back to see what was going on. The snake was wrapped around my rifle and really mad. He was a big snake, and he had 9 buttons on his rattler.
    So there I am in a dilemma. How do I get my rifle back from a mad snake? There were no sticks around, just rocks and cow pies. I didn't want to throw rocks at my rifle, so I had no choice but to throw dried up cow pies. Not very effective, but it was working.
    Well, one of my brothers had seen the commotion from about a mile away, and came driving over. He sat in the pick-up for a bit before he got up enough nerve to come closer to see what I was throwing cow pies at. When he got out he had left his door open for a quick retreat. When he got close enough to see what was going on, he said to me, just reach in a grab your rifle by the end of the barrel, he can't strike that far. I had worked the snake back to the butt end of the rifle. I replied to him, "Well, you know it and I know it, but does the snake know it".
    With that remark I started to reach in to grab my rifle. About then I could see out of the corner of my eye a gust of wind went to blow the pick-up door shut. My brother had his back to the pick-up, and when the door slammed, I swear he went 4 feet straight in the air and came down running and left gravel flying through the air and ran about 30 feet before he stoppED

    Hey only 7 letters this morning

  2. 10 above this morning on its way to 33 above. That is pretty nice weather for the end of January up here in the North East corner of North Dakota,

    another 8 letters

  3. A5 letter verifi came up, couldn't waste it.

    By the way I never did find out how long the snake was because I let it live, but it did have 9 buttons on it, and I would have guessed it at 6 to 7 feet

  4. Another good story, DADD. You could start a blog and call it "A Story Each Week" - that way you wouldn't have to blog everyday, & your stories would be saved for your grandchildren.

  5. Good story DADD! The best part was that you didn't kill the snake. :-)

  6. I surely hate snakes.

    50 degrees and sunny.

    Good story.

    The photos are fascinating.

  7. About twenty years ago, my dad had a parish in the UK. We'll get back to that.

    It was a rainy summer night, and one of our cats got out. We live in the woods and we generally keep the cats indoors because of foxes, raccoons and owls. Since it was raining so hard, I didn't think the cat would go far, but she was stalking across the grass, picking up her feet and cursing with every step. I dashed out after her, scooped her up, and as I turned around I stepped on what I thought was a stick, which snapped back and scratched my foot.

    Closer inspection showed I had stepped on a black snake, who had taken exception to my treatment, and - quite rightly - had let me know he was Not Pleased.

    Now, just as I stepped off the porch, I heard the phone ring, and my husband yelled out the upstairs window that my father was on the phone. This was back in the day when ALL long-distance calls were a Big Deal, so I hustled inside, dumped the cat and talked to my dad.

    Hubby came downstairs and asked about the blood on my foot. "Oh?" I put my foot up on the edge of the counter for a closer look. (I could do that then.) "Snake bite." My husband blanched and asked why I hadn't said something. "It wasn't a poisonous snake, and I knew he was calling long-distance."

    If the snake bite didn't kill me, I think my husband might have, just then.

  8. We don't have a lot of snakes around here. Rat snakes, Cottonmouths, and Copperheads mostly. I try hard to avoid them by staying out of their way. Don't like to kill them - they keep the real pests population down.

    We once thought we had a notorious CopperHeadedWaterRattler - but it turned out to be just another Rat Snake.

  9. Aside from not being a fan of snakes I don't get someone being snake charmer as a source of income. These guys in a lot of these pictures were obviously not traveling with Ringling Brothers so how did they exist?


  10. A couple of years ago I was fostering a young dog for a rescue group. One night she needed to go out, so I duly put on a leash and headed outside. When I started down the steps of the deck to the walkway she refused to go down the steps. I was tired, she had been up and down the steps numerous times before without incident, so I just pulled her down the steps and walked her down the drive. Coming back up she refused again - muttering dire things under my breath I hauled her back up the steps, onto the deck, and into the house. The next morning I let all the dogs out - my dogs all went flying off the steps down the drive and she went off the deck via a different set of steps. I walked out of the house and started down the steps off the deck and discovered a rattlesnake coiled up next to the steps. I had walked past it in the dark without noticing it -- but the dog knew it was there. I carried a flashlight for the next several days when I had to go out after dark.

  11. We had recently purchased a home and my wife was home all day with our new baby. When I got home one day she told me that there rats in the attic. She could hear them all day. So like the good husband that i am I got up there to see. Came down and told her 'no rats in the attic.' She kept on and on about the rats, finally one day she gave me an ultimatum, set rat traps in the attic or in three days her and the boys would be gone. Told her there were no rats in the attic, because there were too mant snakes. 3 minutes later her and the boys were gone!
    7 letter
    25 degrees supposedly headed to 51 but it better hurry!


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