Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snake Charmers

Snake Week continues with this picture of Snake Charmers in India. The picture was from the 1890's. I really wonder about snake charmers. I understand that they are still popular in India. I wonder if the snakes are de-fanged, or if they are really working with dangerous snakes. I know cobras are one of the most dangerous snakes in the world.

While cobras are ONE of the most dangerous snakes, I understand the Black Mamba to be the MOST dangerous snake in the world. They grow to between 6 and 14 feet, are the fastest snake in the world, deadly venomous, and oh yes, fiercely aggressive. The lovely Ms. EAM told me that one of her missionary friends in Kitale was about to step in his shower, and saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked down, and sure enough, there was a Black Mamba on the floor of the shower. Apparently it created quiet a bit of excitement in his whole household. So, just one more thing for me to worry about as the lovely Ms. EAM goes about her Africa business.


It is only mid-january, but love is already in the air around chickie town. I notice that Handsome Jack is already beginning his flamboyant shows for Lovie. I also notice she just walks over and pecks him on the head. Undeterred, he just keeps on going with the show. She might warm up to him in about April, so he has a lot of work to do between now and then.


  1. That's quite the show! Do you have just the one male peacock? What do the other peacocks think of the show?

    Snowing here in St. John's.


  2. Funny about Lovie and Handsome Jack. Not so funny about the black mambo. I will add this to my prayer list.

  3. Peacocks are such beautiful birds.

    I hate snakes!

    A ten gauge works well!

  4. I tried to post on Monday's entry, but, there was no spot to click on for comments.

    I was in Lytle, Texas, all week, away from my computer, so I couldn't comment.

  5. There is no place to leave a comment on Mondays blog.
    I have been traveling and just got home Sunday night.\
    Strange as it may seem but a ;ot of placve don't have WI-FI abilities, or if they do they aren't very good.

  6. No place for comments on Mondays page.

    (Does this count as a comment?)

  7. I think it should count as 3 comments. We had to go throught extra work to make the comment.

    Another 8 letter verifi.

  8. Boy I leave for a few days and the place goes to heck.
    But you know PJM use to make some replies to comments before, now it seems he doesn't.

  9. By the way Handsome Jack is as handsome as ever. How can any girl resist him, unless he drinks and smokes and has other bad habits, like pooping on the patio cement.

  10. Handsome Jack is handsome indeed. I'm not thrilled by snakes.
    What an interesting embargo.....taking the 'comments' function off the blog. A comments embargo.

  11. Right on Judi.

    I'm sorry, that should be patio CONCRETE. Cement is when it is still in the bag

  12. Peacocks may be beautiful but their call (screams) are the closest thing I can imagine that a baby would make if it is being tortured. Give me snakes any time, they're quiet. I kill the poisonous ones and relocate the good ones (to the rocks on my property.)