Sunday, January 8, 2012


County Fair Week continues with this picture of a Sideshow. The picture was taken in the early 1900's at the Westchester County Fair in New York. The booth is advertising the Wild Rose and Rattlesnake Joe show. Honestly, I really with I could have seen it. I can remember going to the midway and side shows of the 60's and 70's and the shows were really pretty entertaining. Political correctness has led to the shows being pretty lame now days, but back in the day, they were pretty interesting. Can you remember seeing any really interesting carnival shows. (You can always post as anonymous if you don't want to admit you found it entertaining)


Today's domestic update is related to three of my favorite things in life . . . my students, the Lovely Ms. EAM, and Africa.

As you know the Lovely Ms. EAM is now living in Africa and is serving as the Missionary/Nurse for the Mattaw Orphan Village. The time zone is very different, so early morning here is late afternoon/evening for her. So, I go to school early, and when I get there is an excellent time for me to talk to her on Skype. Many times my students come in early to work on homework, so they hear me talking to her, and join in the conversation. They became greatly enthused by her work, and they wanted to help and become part of what she was doing. They decided to start a service learning project to help support her work. Most service learning projects are really lame, like picking up trash around the courthouse, but these kids came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea.

My daughter had shared that one of the children, Peter, that she had recently helped rescue off the streets of Kitale had a fascination with her camera. He would grab her camera and run off with it (not stealing, but in fun), and would take all types of pictures of the village. She said he actually had a knack and took some really interesting pictures. The picture above actually shows the Lovely Ms. EAM chasing Peter, trying to get her camera back, as he snaps a quick self portrait.

The students had this idea . . . they would build a WEB site based on photographs that Peter takes, and sell greeting cards based on the photographs. The proceeds from the card sales would be used to purchase vitamins to help further improve the diet of the orphans at Mattaw. The WEB site sold enough cards that when Mrs. PJM and I went to Africa we were able to take a three month supply of vitamins for the village. 

I have really been impressed with the heart, hard work, and dedication of the students on this project. I am hopeful that you will check out their site. I am sure it would be a huge encouragement to them if you left a comment on their site, or perhaps even considered purchasing a card. 


  1. I'm sorry I really don't remember any Midway shows. Our little Grange Hall fair in Pennsylvania didn't have one.

    What do you teach?

    I'm glad the kids are helping the orphans.

    No snow, it fact it was in the low to mid 70's yesterday. Today,50 with a chance of rain.

  2. Love pictures from the old county fairs. All the little magic and random shows were awesome. County fairs are a little too big and high tech for me now days.


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