Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ringling Brothers Circus

Today's picture is from around 1900, and shows the entrance to the Ringling Brothers Circus. I like this picture, as it captures the excitement of the people waiting to see the circus. I also like the old style cash register. Also notice most of the people are wearing hats.


  1. LOVE the cash register...I remember those!!! ;)

  2. It would be nice to see men's hats come back into fashion. I'm partial to Panama's.

    I too have an aversion to watching the daring-do acts and find it sad to see all of the caged beasts. One circus I do enjoy watching on TV today is the Circ de Soleil.

    Finally, I miss the Mystery Person contest so much.

  3. I'm off the subject a bit here but that cash register is a beast! Those were the days when the cashier had to know how to count to give the correct change back. Now they just scan and the register figures out everything. I'm not a big fan of the self scan stations. Call me old fashion but I enjoy the face to face human interaction plus my high school aged daughter works as a part time cashier at the local market. I like getting in her lane and giving her grief, it's fun.

  4. What are you talking about?
    That cash register is a new the top of the line machine.
    When I left Casper Wyo. yesterday morning the temp ther was 29 above. And as we drove North, the temp started to drop until it was 8 below. Then when we got to Billings Mt. it was 5 above. As we headed West the temp hung around 5 to 60 above. Farther West we got out of the falling snow and the temps started to rise and when we got to Dillion Mt. it was 39 above.
    So we went from 29 above in the morning to 8 below about noon to 39 above 4 hourd later.

  5. Lol, love it!
    I started a circus down in GA, and I agree. More people need to where hats like that!

    Jk (sorta of). But the style of the old grand circus is amazing and I think something that is not around anymore. Yes we have shows and crowds gather... but with the internet and people seeing most anything they want whenever they want... the art of the amazing is getting harder to paint.

    Good shot.

  6. I dad wore a dress hat for good . . . and some kind of cap for "ever day". He was my idol on Sundays and holidays, in that dress hat. Yes! come back into fashion! It has been about 50 years. Time enough!


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