Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lion Tamer

Today's picture was taken in 1899, and shows a lady Lion Tamer. I have to admit the circus does have some pretty incredible animal acts, but I can not help but think it sad that the animals are caged up and live on the road. 


  1. You have to admit, they are some very nice looking Kittens.
    I wonder if they used a flash for the shot, and what the cats reaction to it would be. I would guess that they have had their photos taken a lot of times.

    Only 5 letters this morning

  2. Zero this morning and a high of 1 below.
    HMMM how does that work? the high is going to be colder than the the low.

    Back to normal, 7 letters.

  3. I wonder if they drugged the animals to make the job easier... like calling bored kids "hyperactive" and giving them Ritalin so they behave (are tired) in school.


  4. I like to see the big cats. But not too many in the same cage where the trainer had to constantly crack his whip. But where with three or four he could get them to roll on the ground and jump through hoops.
    Went to the circus with my parents as a kid then took my younger sibs and my girlfriend's younger sibs when we were old enough to drive. My bil and sils still talk about it.
    27 this morning and smokey, warmed up to 50.
    5 letter veri

  5. What's the story with the tamer? How did her life finally end?

  6. Eu nunca gostei de circos,nem quando era criança,ver aqueles animais acorrentados e em jaulas é muito deprimente,aqui no brasil os circos estão acabando graças a deus

  7. Translation from Portugese for Edis:

    I never liked circuses, nor when I was a child, to see those animals chained and in cages is very depressing, in Brazil the circuses are finishing here thanks to God.


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