Tuesday, January 24, 2012

King Cobras

Today's picture is from India around 1900. It shows multi-snake charmers. I believe if I were ever in charge of a roadside snake charmer operation, I would institute a "One Cobra Out of the Basket at a Time" policy. I feel that most snake charming disasters probably occurred from more than one snake out of the basket at a time.


  1. I wonder if you can get health insurance for this type of activity ... Office work don't look so dull now.


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  2. PJM<> keep in mind many of us only access your wonderful photos during the week (at work, of course!!!)

  3. Zero right now on it way to 23 above. And no school storm days yet.

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  4. Here is one of my favorite snake stories.

    My family farmed and back in the late 50 we had leased some land that was a ways away from the farmstead. In the spring of the year my brother and me took a couple of trucks with the equipment and seed to do the spring planting. There was an old farm building there. No electricity or and other facilities. Just a building that was dry inside.

    The planting went like this. My brother plowed and planted from 8 at night to 8 in the morning, then I went from 8 in the morning until 8 at night. (I was 14, no child labor laws broken here). We took turns cooking when we were not plowing

    The first night was eerie because of all the mice that lived there. You could hear them scurrying all over the place. Across the floor on the counters over our cots and us.

    Well anyway here is my snake story.

    About 10:00 A.M. on my first day plowing, I saw a big snake going down the dead furrow in front of the tractor. I stopped the tractor and grab a seed sack and took off after the snake. I guess I should tell you that I am not afraid of snakes. I was hoping that it would be a rattle snake, but it turned out to be about a 6 foot long bull snake.

    I caught him and put him into the sack. About noon my brother waved me in to have lunch. I brought the snake into the house to show him. When I dumped the snake out of the sack onto the floor, my brother in one quick leap was up on top on the counter. The snake coiled up in a defensive position, and before I could grab him again he darted over to a wall that had a nice sized mouse hole in it and in he went.

    We never saw again all the time we were there, though we heard him crawling around. Well anyway the mice scurrying noises got less and less, until there were no noises on the last night there.

    The last day there as we were packing up, the snake came out of the wall and just laid there. He could hardly move, he was so chubby.

    I had noticed a gopher hole outside, so I grab him and took him out to the hole. At first he was going to leave, but then his head snapped back towards the hole and his tongue flicked out a few time and down the hole he went. Thus a happy ending for us and the snake.

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  5. Man I hate to waste it.
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  6. Good morning, PJM. I don't mind the word verifications. I know it keeps out some of the weirdos.
    Thanks for entertaining us, DADD. Good story.

  7. Maybe they milked the venom out of the cobras.

    I wouldn't even want to be near these guys.

    We had a rather bold Border Collie when we lived in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Rattlesnakes were plentiful. Pepper hated them.He would grab them behind the head and shake them and then let them go. This did not always kill them.

    One day when my husband was working outside and Pepper was with him, the dog caught a rattler and threw it in the air. It landed on my husband's shoulders. I don't know who was more scared. The dazed snake slithered off at top speed and my poor husband,white as a sheet, thanked God.

    Pepper died of old age at 17.

  8. Totally not diggin' the snake week. Circus week was marginal. Let's do something fun next week! Like maybe pics of monster snow storms or something.

  9. Myrtle;
    SAounds like Pepper was a fun dog, I would have been glad to have meet him.
    Did he throw other things in the air?
    Did any of the other things land on your husband?

  10. DADD,

    Pepper was quite a dog. We got him as a 10 month old puppy from the SPCA.

    He did throw anything else on my husband.

    He herded goats well. He was never trained; it was all instinct and native intelligence. He could herd both clockwise and counterclockwise. He herded not only our goats but the neighbor's cows, for which Bob was grateful.

    He also herded our chickens, running a large circle around them.

    What was also amazing was that he could herd our yearly feeder pig. That was an interesting sight- 250 pound hog vs a 35 pound dog. The pigs never touched him or he would have been dead. Pepper bit their ears and nipped their flanks. Needless to say the dog was very fast and agile.

    He always accompanied our kids while they played outside and herded them inside when black bears or worse still when wildcats were around.

    Like all Border Collies he always needed something to do but was always well behaved in the house.

  11. What great stories DADD and Myrtle. I would love to be at party attended by you.
    I only touched a snake at a petting zoo and it was not how I expected.
    My verifi: myoust

  12. One time in the Texas Hill Country I was pestering a 6" very colorful centipede with a stick. When the centipede had enough, he (she) very quickly crawled up the stick and onto my arm. I was so startled I threw the stick, arm, and centipede up into the air. My friend yelled, "if that thing lands in my hair, I am going to kill you!"

    As you might guess since I am writing this, I lived through the escapade.

  13. Now here's a job I wouldn't want. Talk about having morethan one snake out at a time!


  14. O tema sobre cobras não me agrada muito,fiquei em silencio pois logo na primeira postagem você me apresentou dois animais que tenho grande fobia,cobra e ratos.Me considero uma mulher até que muito corajosa,mas sou capaz de matar um ratinho de susto somente com meus gritos,agora cobras somente fotos já me faz ter pesadelos.Espero uma postagem de cobras brasileiras.

  15. From Portuges for Edis.

    The subject on snakes does not please me very, I was silence therefore in the first postings. You presented me two animals that I have great phobia, snakes and rats. I am considered a woman very courageous, but I am capable to only kill one ratinho with my shouts, now snakes photos only makes already me to have nightmares. I wait a posting of Brazilian snakes.


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