Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Girls at Fair

Today we have a picture of girls at the El Centro (Ca.) county fair. The picture was taken in 1942. Again, a peaceful scene from a bygone era.


  1. They are enjoying themselves.

    It is a pity our society has decayed to the point of such polarization and isolation of individuals and groups that people no longer enjoy each others' company as they used to.
    We are all too busy with gadgets and TV to talk with each other, or we are too afraid of crime to even say hello to a stranger!
    That said, girls still manage to get together and cackle like a group of hens!

    All our snow is gone, it should be 55 today, it is 38 already and the sun is not up yet.

  2. Keep in mind we were fighting WWII at the same time!

  3. Yes, times were a lot nicer back then. Today if that many girls got together most of them would be texting each other, and I mean each other.

  4. Good morning.
    It is 35 above and on it's way to 45 and partly cloudy today.
    Still not bad at all for North Dakota in January where it was a high of 2 below last year
    But winter may catch up to us some tomorrow. High of 24 and high chance of snow.
    So far this year we have had 6.5 inches of snow. Not nuch left after the warm spell. The ground is bare in most of the areas.
    Last year we had 21.5 inches of snow.

    Can't resist another post, because I got a 5 letter verifi

  5. Looks like they weren't worried about fire ants!

  6. Everyone used to "dress". We, as a society, are such slobs. Could you imagine seeing someone back then at the grocery store in their PJs and slippers?

  7. In regards to how people dress... This picture was taken in 1942 right? So I'll bet there were people back then that were born in the late 1800's that were appalled at how these ladies were dressed because most of them are wearing pants rather than dresses. With that said, I do think that the lack of dress code these days can't get any worse but you never know.


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