Friday, January 27, 2012


Here is another picture of a carnival "Geek" eating a snake. I find it interesting the evolution of the word "Geek" over the last hundred years. Back in the day, Geek referred to someone who would entertain by biting the heads off live chickens or snakes, perhaps drinking the blood, and then eating them raw. Because of this egregious behavior, the word geek had an element of a social outcast, one who did not behave like others and did not fit in with polite society. Nothing criminal, just a misfit. By the 60's and 70's the term was used to describe a high school student who was good in math. It was equivalent to "Nerd" in some ways. In the 60's and 70's the word Geek was definitely intended to be an insult. It was a way to make kids who were good in math feel like outcasts. As computer technology came on the scene, the word Geek was used not just for those good with math, but also good with technology. Then a funny thing happened . . . some of those computer "Geeks" started turning out to be multimillionairs before they finished college and in some cases before they finished high school. All of the sudden "Geek" became a cool thing to be. So, the word went from describing a person who bit the heads off chickens to make a few dollars to a kid living in a mansion and driving a Ferrari around Silicon Valley.


  1. If hey bit the head off and ate that snake he should have been full for a week. That is a BIG snake.
    They must have gone through a lot of snake.
    The most I ever saw was the pretending to drink the blood of a chicken.

    Hot dang only 5 letters this morning.

  2. Darnm just about forgot the weather report.
    20 above on it's way to 23 above. We have only had a little over 8 inches of snow this year, compared to just about 30 inches at this time last year .

    AH, back to my 8 letter verifi

  3. Now THAT is very interesting stuff!!!

  4. I've always been fascinated by word origins. Most often, as they are traced back, there is some locical evolution. Not the case with "geek"

    I am a "geek". in the current sense of the word, but I missed out on the rich part.

  5. Origin:
    1915- 20; probably variant of geck (mainly Scots ) fool < Dutch or Low German gek

    Hey another 5 letter

  6. Son, that is NOT how you're supposed to floss.

    50 F and raining. Not bad for late January.


  7. Interesting, I always like learning something new, thank you.

  8. Did you notice the cross on his belt? Could this be one of the pentecostal snake handlers - often associated with the Appalachian regions?

  9. 70 degrees and sunny, no snow for us, no winter either, for that matter, unless you count a few scattered days of 40 degree weather. Funny thing is folks a few miles north had snow on Halloween.

    I noticed the cross. Snakes! I hate 'em!


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