Thursday, January 12, 2012

Friends at the County Fair

Today we present a picture of Friends at the County Fair. The picture was taken in 1942 at the El Centro County Fair. Another peaceful scene from a simpler time.


  1. It is striking how decently the kids are dressed.

    One thing I like about the cold weather is that the girls have to cover themselves up. We have a a society with very little sense of shame and decency.

    I believe it was John who made a comment about over overly sexualized society, sad but true.

    And people wonder why teen pregnancy rates have skyrocketed!

    52 and cloudy.

  2. I love this picture. Such a carefree moment in time.

    32 and Snowing in NH.

    On a side note it was good to see the candidates finally leave NH. No more round the clock candidate commercials and my phone has finally stopped ringing with campaign supporters begging for my vote.

  3. Well, here I am in Casper Wyo.
    When I left Grand Forks ND yesterday it was 28 above. Went South on Interstate 29 and when we got to Fargo it was snowing a little, so we figured that we South and maybe miss some of the storm.
    Bad idea, we ran right into the heart of it. The sun was trying to peek through and was strong enough to make the highway warm enough to make the snow stick to it.
    There wasn't much snow but it sure stuck to the highway and made things real tough.
    You could see were people had spin out all over and gone into the ditch and because of no real snow they were able to drive back out.
    Over by Chamberlain SD a preacher had spun out and went through the medium , and hit another SUV head on and was killed.
    You could see where a bunch on cars had gone through the medium , but he had the misfortune of hit some one else.

    So my weather report is everything from 1 above to 32 above, sunny periods to snow squalls. I did have one stretch of dry roads, but mostly it was over 800 miles of white knuckle driving. That is to hard on an old man and I’m all tuckered out.

    No snow to talk about, but let me take a trip and all heck breaks lose.

  4. An almost completely lost concept with today's youth -- face to face conversation.


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