Monday, January 30, 2012

Doggie Hospital

Today's picture was taken in 1907, and it shows a woman bandaging a dog's leg. The picture was taken at the Bide-A-Wee home for animals in New York.


  1. One thing that Brittany Spaniel can't do well is swim. But they don't know that, their love of hunting makes them think they know how.
    I didn't know that all dog didn't know how to swim either until one day when we were out hunting we came across this slough that had some nice ducks on it. We work our way up to the edge and when the duck took off we shot a couple of them. Well Peggy with out hesitation jump into the water to retrieve them. As she swam out towards the duck, I noticed that she was starting to get lower, and lower in the water. I realized that she was getting into trouble and tried and tried to call her back. She with a bit farther out, then realized it also, and turned around and started coming back. She kept getting lower and lower in the water. I knew she wasn't going to make it back, so even though it was cold out I striped down to my skivvies and started to swim towards her. As I got closer she was getting real lower in the water. By time I got to her all that was out of the water was the tip of her nose. When I got her and raised her up some in the water she gave herself to me completely. I figured that she would try and climb up on me and maybe push me under water, but she was a perfect rescued victim, she didn't claw me or climb on me, she just let me help her to shore. Then when I went back into the water to get the ducks, she wanted to come out and help me, and my hunting partner had to hold her back. So I never hunted ducks with her around anymore.

    8 letters again

  2. 18 above with a high of 32 today.
    Had some more snow yesterday again.
    7 letters

  3. Peggy was lucky to have you for her master. Not everyone would be that observant or be willing to jump into the cold water for a dog.

    One hot summer day, my friend, her two kids and my German Shepherd headed for the lake. My air conditioning went out on the way to the lake. We were REALLY hot. We all went into the water and Duchess didn't like that at all. She ran back and forth and ventured into the water and back out, whining all the time. I can't swim but I waded out until I was shoulder deep in the warm lake water. Duchess finally struck out to swim to me. There she was, frantically paddling and trying to stay afloat. I scooped her up and held her and she relaxed.

    It was obvious that she thought we were all in danger.

  4. 32 and sunny going up to mid 50's.

    My old Pepper dog had a dislocated hip, he just wanted to sit in the corner and die. We took him to the vet who fixed hip hip and bandaged it up so he was effectively a three- legged dog.

    He still just wanted to die He wouldn't drink or eat; he wouldn't even eat the hamburger I bought him. I ended up force feeding him milk and chocolate chip cookies for a few days .

    I even let him on the couch , which had been forbidden territory. After about a week of this he decided he wanted to live.

    He started to play again and could run like the wind on his three legs. He wore his bandages for about another week and returned to hi normal four- legged self, but he was now a very spoiled dog for the rest of his very long life.

  5. Isn't that strange, I thought all dogs could swim. It seems they know how but some of them just can't swim very far. I found out years ago that my dog couldn't swim, but I sure thought Greman Shepards could. I think it is the make up of their fur. It doesn't have the right oils on it to make their fur water resistant. And then it would be like a person jumping in the water with their cloths on, you can swim for little while but them you tire out and can't swim very well.

    Hey a 5 letter verifi.

  6. When I was a kid, we had a dog that, in the summer was always swimming across the stock pond. One snowy, icy winter day, daddy and my uncle took butch rabbit hunting. They came to a pond that was frozen around the edges. Butch went out onto the ice and it broke in. There he was, trying to get a grip on the ice to pull himself up. It kept breaking off. Finally daddy went out and got him. That night, mama let him (butch) sleep inside the house.

  7. GG-Ma
    Did your dad get to sleep inside the house also?

  8. We have two Golden Retrievers. One swims like a fish, the other had to be taught how to swim. When he first went into the water, he kinda rolled over on his side and his attempts to dog paddle weren't very effective. I had to hold him upright and let him get used to the idea of swimming. He caught on, but has never been real excited about going in the water unlike our other dog.

    Yes, Daddy got to sleep inside, too.
    Back when I was a kid, dogs were not permitted inside the house, and definitely not on the bed.

  10. We have a black lab that loves the water, and a Pit-Greyhound cross that won't even get his toes wet. If Blazer gives Pepper too much grief, rough-housing and racing around, the lab will get into the stream and just stand there, grinning, while Blazer runs back and forth, barking like mad! We haven't decided if it's because he's afraid Pepper is in trouble, or just mad coz he can't/won't get in there, too.

  11. I love the "nurse's" uniform. I wish we still adhered to those formalities today.

    Nowadays, everyone looks like they just rolled out of bed - no class.


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