Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dog Week

Welcome to Dog Week here at OPOD. We kick the week off with this picture of a dog pulling a cart. The picture was taken in Belgium in about 1917. I wonder if they have rabbits in Belgium and what happens when a rabbit jumps out in front of the dog. I feat the woman loses all her milk cans.


  1. Cute cart. This sure beats 'Snake Week'.

  2. Yes judi this does beat snake week.

    Should the dog decide to do what dogs do,I hope the lady does not cry over spilt milk.

  3. Snake week was fun.

    It's sad that we don't have the Saturday challenge any more, but I understand why.
    Mr. PJM, maybe for the Saturday challenge you could just IMAGINE an old photo, and we'd guess at it.

  4. Cute dog.

    The woman's attire is interesting, very pretty like all those old folk outfits.

    My dogs hate squirrels even more than rabbits.

    No snow. 55 and sunny.

  5. I'll bet the dog was happy when he got that harness off.

  6. I think that those work dogs had more discipline than you people give them credit for. They had a job to do, and they did it.
    I had a Brittany Spaniel that was trained to hunt pheasants. She didn't chase cars, but she loved to hunt. When saw me come out of the house with my shotgun she would get real excited, that meant time to go hunting. If I came out with my rifle, she just sat there as if nothing was going on.
    I will relate to you some dog hunting stories though out the week. Can't use them all up on the first day.

    8 letters as usual

  7. 20 above with the high of 23 above today.
    So far this winter we have had just over 10 inches of snow compared to over 33 inches last year.

    another 8 letter

  8. Definitely rabbits in Belgium. Just after WWII when meat was still scarce and rationed here in the UK, I remember my father used to breed Flemish Giant rabbits both to feed the family and also sell spare rabbits to the local butcher. I still remember my Mam's rabbit pie ... drool!

  9. Interesting photograph.

    The Belgian Army was using dog power to haul small ammo carts and machine gun carts during this era as well.

  10. The dog in this picture looks like an ancestor of the Bernese Mountain Dog - they were used to pull cheese carts to market in Switzerland.

    They make great pets today - but they're really expensive (and large).


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