Saturday, January 7, 2012

County Fair

Welcome to County Fair Week here at OPOD. I find myself longing for days gone by when life moved at a slower pace, and we took more time to just sit and visit. Perhaps nothing represents those days better than the tradition of the County Fair. So, this week we will be looking at County Fairs. Did you ever go to one? Did you enjoy it? Share your memories.


  1. Would I be wrong in guessing this pic is your mother and father?

  2. I went to a Grange Hall fair once long ago, when I was seven years old, in western Pennsylvania. My sister bought a coconut cake at the auction. I thought that was the most amazing thing ever.

    I have vague memories of noisy chickens of all sorts of colors in cages and very large hogs, jars and jars of pickles and canned peaches and tomatoes.

    There were hot dogs and other such delights to be bought.

    There was a lot of hustle and bustle . Most people knew each other or their family.

    Mom wasn't worried about us mingling with the crowd,because everybody looked out for the kids and knew who they belonged to. I would never let kids seven, nine and twelve, as my sisters and I were, out of my sight in such a busy place now.

    People were dressed in nice decent clothes. Now a days, the boys look like thugs and the girls look like they are for sale. Alas!

    It was a lot of fun and excitement.
    That was in 1963 when daddy was in Viet Nam.

    55, sunny going op to almost 70!

  3. Bruce,
    No relation to me, but I do really like the picture.

  4. Not many country fairs in Montreal, but the area I lived in, would, every August, close down the main street. The vendors were on the street, they brought in farm animals,there was cotton candy, go-kart rides, poney rides. There was loud music and it was fun crossing the street from side to side without looking both ways.

  5. Oh yeah, those were the good old days. Of course as a kid, we liked the rides. Once my brother and I got on the Ferris Wheel. He was scared to death. Each time we came a round, he would yell "STOP". Of course it didn't stop until our time was up. I don't think my brother has been on one since.

  6. County Fairs and State Fairs...lots of very pleasant memories. Oh, the midway! The rides! the food! Pronto Pups - loved them - down here in Texas they call them Corny Dogs - I like Pronto Pups better.

    Why are they laying on the ground? Looks like other folks are also laying on the ground. What's up with that?

  7. My remembrance of our county fair was of me selling footlong hot dogs. The first year I did it, I was given the choice of pay by selling them dog or by the hour. The first day I asked to be paid by the hour. The second day I put a lot of effort into it and asked to be paid by the dog. By really selling the heck out of them I was able to earn about 8 times the hourly rate, and I have been a sales person ever since. I went on to selling Carmel corn and the County horse shows and made a bundle there also.
    I never got an allowance, so any spending money I got was from working at the fair or horse show. Then when I got a little older I was working on the black land farm we had, and still didn't get paid anything for doing it.

  8. 28 above and sunny

    a five letter verifi for this one .


  9. Oh yes. Grant County Fair in Moses Lake, Washington. I much like the smaller town fairs better than the huge city ones.

  10. In the very early 1960's they had a county fair at the now extinct Roosevelt Racetrack. Lots of farm crops to sample. Borden's had Elsie and Elmer present. The US Army Golden Knights parachuted into the infield of the racktrack.


    More on the Fair...

  11. My beloved late father used to take us to the annual Sun Prairie (WI) Corn Festival, and it was great!! There would be these enormous tents, and you would go in and get your corn-on-the-cob, with butter (of course!), and they'd have dozens and dozens of salt shakers attached to string and hanging down ready for shaking!! Thanks for bringing that memory up for me...he's gone 3 yrs. this March and I miss him so much. Happy New Year, everybody.

  12. I've only been to one County Fair in my life, and that was around 1950. My father's family had come for a visit from Australia, and we all went to the fair in Timonium, Maryland, because there wasn't anything like it in Oz. I think my mom had entered matching dresses she had made for my sister, me, and herself. don't think she won any sort of prise, but I do remember walking up and down "like a real model" to show off my dress.

  13. Myrtle, best comment about kids today I've heard recently. My wife laughed when I read it to her.


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