Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Circus Tent

Today's picture shows a couple of boys sneaking into a circuit by climbing under the tent. The picture was taken in 1936 near Roswell, New Mexico.

I mentioned earlier that as a child I enjoyed the small circuses that would come to town. Over the years the smaller circuses seem to have gone away, and you were left with the two big name circuses. I never liked these, and still don't. Basically, I did not enjoy things where people appear to be in danger, or doing death defying acts. In particular, I found the high wire acts distressing. Bottom line is I don't want to see someone killed and don't enjoy watching someone do a dangerous stunt. Also, I felt like the animals were not treated in a humane manner. Elephants need to live in the open, not in trailers and small pens.


  1. This from some one that was going to jump an open ditch with an extended Z-boom. Heck I would have paid good money to watch that. You talk about chances of some one getting of hurt or dying.

    Hot dang, a 5 letter verifi

  2. I do agree with you about animals in cages. But they way they are being hunted in the wild, pretty soon that is the only place you will be able to see "Wild Animals".

  3. 10 below zero this morning, with the high of zero and snow.

    another 5 letter verifi

  4. I agree that pretty soon the only place to see "wild animals" will be in zoos. Most zoos are much more in tune with the needs of the animals, providing large, open areas, as close as possible to their native habitat, surrounded by moats - as much to keep the idiot people out, as to keep the animals in! It is only through zoo breeding programs that some animals have been re-introduced to their original ranges.

  5. Picture shows three young scalawags sneaking in. If caught they might get thrown out (literally) and a kick in the pants for good measure. Nowadays, those kids would have the lawyers involved and the circus sued out of business.


  6. Good thoughts, well expressed, about the big circuses. I'd rather see nets under those high wire people, all the time.
    It does look scary for wild animals, although it's scary for humanity too...the overall picture for the animals could change rapidly given a combination of fuel crises, antibiotic resistant microbes, prions,...