Monday, January 16, 2012

Circus Girl

Good Monday morning to you all. Hope you have a wonderful week this week, and today goes well for you. As you know, this is Circus week, and as you know, I am not a big fan of the Circus. Things were different when I was a kid. In the 1960's there were many more small traveling circuses. They would come to town, set up a tent, and put on a pretty good show. They would have some interesting animals, jugglers, and maybe a trapeze show. It was fun watching the trapeze artist, because they performed with a net, and you knew that no one would get hurt. As time went on, it seems like these small circuses went away, and you were left with the two really large circuses. Something special was lost in these huge "shows", in my mind.

Today's picture was taken in 1908, and shows a circus girl, who performed on a horse.


  1. 12 above this morning.

    That is a fine looking horse, looks a lot like one of the horses from yesterdays photo.

    The problem with the big 3-ring circuses is just that, they have 3 major things going on at the same time.
    And no matter where you sit you will miss something and then you have to buy another ticket and move to a different part of the tent and try and see what you missed the first time.

    So have your chickens stopped molting and started to lay eggs again?

    Only a 6 letter verifi today

  2. Interesting photo, and Dadd beat me to commenting on the horse. He is especially magnificent, don't you think? A dapple grey.

  3. Jo at Myrtle BeachJanuary 16, 2012 at 8:13 AM

    That is a beautiful horse. I LOVED the trick riders too - can remember wanting to be one of those beautiful ladies on a black stallion. And also remember thinking it wasn't fair to have to decide WHICH ring to watch (but if there was a horse in one of them that was an easy decision for me.)

    33 here at the beach...on the way to 58 today

  4. Great pic, lovely horse, thanks!

  5. The horse is good looking alright.

    My memory of a small circus that overnight appeared in the field next to out neighborhood was that some of the boys, including me, were recruited to work all morning to help put up the single large tent plus other jobs. Holding stakes that were driven by the circus workers was risky business but when we were through there, we were assigned to clean out the wagons that had contained many of the circus animals. There were a number of horses that needed tending after their long ride, but the worst job was cleaning up the leavings of the two (yes,only two) elephants.

    After all that work, our reward was a "free" ticket to the early show. I figure our wages amounted to around 22 cents per hour. On top of that, it was not a very good show.

    There was a lesson we all learned from that experience. We never worked again without a written agreement and decided it would be easier to just ask Dad for the money, although, as I think about it now,and knowing my Dad, the circus probably was the better path if we were to go to the circus.

  6. There is one circus that has a small time feel yet I and my kids found quite enjoyable. The Shriners Circus, not only do they have reasonable prices but they are very kid friendly. And the proceeds help out the Shriners Burn Hospitals which offers free care.


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