Saturday, January 14, 2012

Circus Clown

Welcome to Circus Week here at OPOD. I must tell you going into this that I do not like Circus Clowns. I think it odd for a man to decide he wants to put on makeup and wear giant shoes. I am sorry if I am offending any circus clowns out there, but as a child you scared me and as an adult I find you sort of creepy. I will do my best to put my biases aside, and take an honest look at Circuses this week. Just curious . . . do clowns give anyone else the creeps?


  1. Never liked the clowns or the circus. But I do respect rodeo clowns. Especially the bull fighter variety.


  2. To each his own. I guess it is all show biz. Except, of course, for the aforementioned "Rodeo Clowns." They are brave, and very necessary.

    Hope you have time soon to give us the low down on your African trip -- before I keel over from anticipation.

  3. Never had the fear of clowns. But, as a child, I did have an issue with holiday-costumed characters in department stores posing for photographs (ie: Easter Bunnies, Santa Claus (not sure what the plural of Santa Claus is)). Have a nice collection of sobbing and uncomfortable pictures of me trying to squirm out of the photo. I also had a fear of the tooth fairy. Never liked the idea of someone coming into my bedroom and taking away parts of me- even if they did leave loose change in exchange. The extracted tooth always was left in the hall for the tooth fairy to take. So, I understand the fear of anyone/thing that's supposed to be really cheerful. There's something eerie about it.

  4. No circus for me. I never liked people dressed up so silly looking. I felt sorry for the wild beasts forced to do tricks to the tune of a whip. Half naked people on the high wire taking their life in their own hands was disgusting. Oh well, as its been said, to each his own.

  5. no clowns, thanks. they are indeed creepy to me. i could deal with acrobats though...

  6. That clown bears a striking resemblance to Boy George.

  7. I like the one I ever went to was a 3-ringer in Brindisi, Italy. Very small rings...seats were right up on the rings. Talk about a ring side seat! I had to move my feet off the ring when the elephant came around. Lions, tigers, bears were 3 feet in front of me. Clowns are great, but pretty silly - never the prime attraction.

    One of the best I have seen recently was the Cirque du Soleil. No critters, just people doing extrordinary things.

  8. I love the clowns. Would laugh my head off as a child at their crazy tricks and pranks. Slap Stick. I think some folks will do anything to make someone laugh, even if it means dressing and making up. Now a days I am not so quick to laugh . . . but boy, I remember as a child laying on the floor, holding my stomach, laughing so hard at Red Skelton and Carol Burnett (dressed & made up)

  9. Have you ever watched the classic Freaks?

  10. AHH, the best was when 20 or so clowns got out of the little car

    8 letter verifi as usual

  11. Love rodeo clowns others, okay, except this one. Now thats creepy.
    I guess if you were born in 1994 Ringling gave you a live time pass to the circus if your parents applied for one.
    60 degrees Sunny
    5 letter veri

  12. I met Ronald McDonald one time years and years ago. Thought he was a nice guy. I was told that the Ronald McDonald I met was a former circus clown.
    Graham in St. John's
    (I think that is my only clown story)

  13. Allister, I believe the reason most children are afraid of Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) is that it is like a pirvate interview with God. He knows if you've been naughty or nice, and will treat you accordingly! How's THAT for scary? I get really bent out of shape over Santa being shown in "adult" situations - he IS based on a saint, a real person, and I can'tthink of a single other saint we'd put in that position. Well, that's my sermon for the day.

    Anyway, I do honestly enjoy circus clowns. The mother of one of our former rectors was a clown, and I always thought that was a pretty neat thing to be! If the preacher's mother could be a clown, why couldn't this preacher's kid be one, too?

    My mother gave me several reasons.

  14. My Sister-in-Law is a clown. She gives me the creaps. Does that count?

  15. I am a senior citizen and a disabled vet, with 4 grandchildren that can hardly get out of bed anymore. BUT if the Circus came to town, today, I would find some excuse, grab my walker and take my pain pills and go!

    I would be going for the "CLOWNS"! And the high-wire acts, and the animals if they still have animals, anymore. For the girls in their beautiful glitzy costumes. For the men with their bare chests. For the peanuts, the popcorn, and the cotton candy. I love the circus!! & I L♥VE the CL☺WNS! I have never been afraid clowns (and I always laugh so hard, I wet my big girl britches)! When I found out that Las Vegas had "Circus, Circus" I couldn't wait to go and when We found our that it was also a hotel - well, I had died and gone to heaven! We never left the building. If you have to have a circus without animals, "Cirque du Soleil" is the best! They have everything I love, Acrobats, music, costumes, thrills, chills and most importantly, the CL☺WNS.

    What I don't like are the side (freak) shows. I respect those performers and I do not begrudge them their only chance for a profession. But people are cruel and I dislike staring at their deformities and listening to some drunk jack-ass as he or she heckles them. I Also never much liked the sheer aggressiveness of the side show Carney's in the "Try Your Luck" area. I understand that's their job, & if I were their boss, I'd fire one who wasn't in a split second. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

    I'll tell you the only clowns I DO NOT like are "The 3 Stooges" What crap! They must be a "Guy" thing. my husband, son, brothers, nephews, brother's in law, my father, all loved them! Ugh!

    The Circus is magic and the Clowns are the Magicians! If they would have a broken-down wreck like me, hell, I'd run away and join that circus!


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