Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carnival Side Show

Today's picture shows a performance in a carnival side show. For entertainment, this gentleman would bite the head off a snake and eat it raw. The picture was taken in 1938 in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. In the 1970's I can remember seeing a "Freak Show" at the Texas State Fair where there was a similar act. I have to say that for a little kid, it was a pretty amazing thing to watch. I believe carnival sideshows are much more tame now-days. Wonder if anyone has seen a carnival sideshow recently and if they can share with us any acts like this still being done.


  1. Ewwwwww! Talk about gross!

    I have never seen such an icky thing!

    A geek was originally a person who would bite the head off a live chicken or a snake.

    I prefer my food to be dead, plucked or skinned and cooked when I eat it.

  2. I can attest to the fact that geeks, once they clean up you wouldn't know who they are.
    I went to a side show back in the 60's and watched this "WILD MAN" bite the head of a chicken off and supposedly drink the blood.
    Later that night I was in a bar and this guy comes and sit down beside me and we strike up a conversation. I thought that he look like someone I met before, and said so. He told me we had met a few hours before when he was having his chicken dinner. After I closed my mouth, we had a real good laugh over it and I bought him a few drinks.

    Only a 6 letter verifi this morning

  3. 18 above on it way to 31 above
    Yesterday was a miserable day. Even though it wasn't real cold, it got up to 31, the wind blew about 40 MPH and it snowed and sleeted and about anything that winter weather could bring. That wind was so damp and cold, it felt like it was 40 below.
    Then we had a real nice red/orange sunset, but the wind still blew, and it was had to appreciate it.

  4. I saw a similar head removing show in Japan back in the 60's. Yech!

    Did you get any rain. Here in East Texas we have 4 1/4" pushing to 4 1/2" at the moment. Hope you got your share.

  5. There are much better ways to kill a snake. I'm partial to any shotgun from a 410 to a 10 gauge. Quicker and less filling.

    We got just over 3" yesterday, but we are still behind for the year....again.

  6. In China one time I saw a man put a snake up his nose and a minute later it came out his mouth. I've always been sorry I didn't have my camera with me.

  7. Kerrys, are you sure the Chinese guy had only one snake?
    Al, the best way to kill a snake has already been covered on this blog; check out "My Snake Story" under "Hope"; you will be touched.
    Myrtle, reminds me of a guy in high school who said "Some people like to eat beef tongue, but I can't imagine eating something out of some animal's *mouth*. I would much rather have a nice egg sandwich."

  8. Today we pay people to do bizarre things on television such as compete to marry somebody, fight with their best friend, or confess to disgusting behaviors on talk shows. Modern version of sideshows and geeks.


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