Monday, January 9, 2012

Boys at County Fair

Today's picture is from 1942, and it shows Boys at the County Fair. The picture was taken near El Centro, California. What a wonderful image this is. When was the last time you saws boys just laying on the grass, being still, and just visiting. This scene very much reminds me of my childhood, and makes me realize that there is something very special most young people today are missing . . . being still.


  1. Too many video games.

    My boys liked playing outside,usually they were only still when they were asleep.

    They liked to sword fight with sticks, fish in the trout stream just over the hill and play commando in the woods. Black walnuts and gum balls make formidable weapons.

    Winter was snow fort time.

    After I broke my arm, they were the goat milkers. They would shoot each other with the milk as they milked.

    They also caught snakes,frogs and lizards and various bugs. Boys staying still? Not very often!

  2. Oh yes they are still at times, but their thumbs are going a mile a minute.
    They are either playing video games or texting each other.
    I still don't get texting. If you have a cell phone, just call them and say what you want to say. I realize texting is a little more private, but all day long.

    I was an active kid when I was growing up. It was always something. Play touch football, tag, shooting BB guns, sling shots, going swimming, playing spread-um with knives. I still can't beleive that no one ever got a knife stuck into their foot. And I was in Cub, and Boy Scouts.
    And after about age 12 I was drive tractors and combines on our black dirt farm (no animals).
    But back then parents didn't worry that someone was going to steal, and abuse or kill their children.

  3. It is 37 above and going to be sunny on the way to 47 above. How about that for January in the frozen North Dakota?

    7 letter verifi on this one the first post was ab eight.

  4. Does anyone remember when almost every yard had a China Berry tree? We used to hunt for just the right elder berry bush so we could push out the pulp in the joints that would fit a china berry then hand craft a plunger that would fit the barrel. You then had a home made Benjamin Pump air rifle by loading a berry in one end and another in the other end and giving the plunger a quick push compressing the air. Those things would put a nice red mark on bare skin. We called them pop guns. We could come up with some of the wildest things 70 yrs. ago.

  5. It saddens me to see kids today.....I don't feel like I'm that old either! This morning I thought to myself as 3 cars were at the bus stop waiting with their children to be picked up. My first thought was how lazy are these kids...they can't even walk to the bus stop.I used miss the bus on purpose so I could walk to school! Then also thought...these parents are afraid their child will get snatched up while waiting for the bus!! What a sad world we live in.......

  6. Texting is a very convenient way of communicating. the recipient can read it on their time, whereas a phone call is an interruption. Having said that, my wife almost refuses to read a text message, and does refuse to send one. silly, really, but I do understand. I do not understand hundreds of thousands of text messages sent by one individual/month. that is beyond silly. And I do not understand people trying to text while driving. That is plain stupid!

  7. I remember those days, now in my old age, laying under a shade tree with all my guy friends. Nothing else to do but to enjoy each others company and try to stay cool on a hot summer day. As we lay there we enjoyed talking about cars, books, faraway places and oh yes, girls. We loved the smell of the earth, the shape of the clouds, the shade of the tree and what was that? Something just hit my chin....Why that dirty bird!!

  8. I got a text the other day from my 17 year old daughter. She was in her bedroom and I was down the hall in the kitchen. She asked me, "whats for dinner?" She's not a lazy kid, just thought it would be funny. I told her nothing because instead of buying food I had to pay the cell phone bill, Ha Ha Ha.

    I loved the Fair and still do. They were so much fun because of the varity of things to do and eat. You can spend all day with limited cash and never be bored. Hanging around with friends. When we got a little older it was the perfect place to bring a date. A funny story I remember was the time I brought a date to the yearly carnivale in my town. They had this rocket ship type of ride, it was basically a steel cage in the shape of a rocket ship with a bench seat inside. The cage goes up in the air and spins and tumbels around. We were getting thrown all over inside this cage. My date was hanging on to me for dear life, (thats the only good part). Somehow her shoes came off and they were flying all over inside the cage wacking me in the head. This was in the 70's so of course they were those Dr. Scholl Clog things. Remember those?

  9. Kids today are still far too long - especially boys. I believe a lot of the ADD junk would be cleared up with more physical activity incorporated.

  10. It is snowing lightly here and has been for about two hours with some accumulation.
    Looks like winter finally got here, six weeks late. And to think yesterday it was almost 75 degrees! It is currently 35.

    It is supposed to warm up to the 50's again in a few days.

    Maybellene, you are right about ADD. Some discipline would work wonders as well.

  11. Kids today are far too dependent upon electronic media and entertainment, and have forgotten how to be kids.

    No-one plays outside any more or knows their neighbors. And no-one has any "down" time. I'm all for technology, but it has to be limited.

  12. So, so true. I was blessed to be raised in simpler times (dob 1946) -- so fortunate, and I didn't appreciate it until years and years later, looking back.


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