Thursday, January 5, 2012

Black Gold

Texas week would not be complete without a picture from the oilfield. Today's picture was taken in 1901, and shows drilling going on at the famed "Spindletop". This was one of the early oilfields that ushered in a long period of prosperity for Texas.


  1. Unbelievable, if one of them caught fire the whole place would burn down.
    Up here in North Dakota, they are only allowed to have 4 wells in a square mile area. That is one in a quarter section of land. They all can be almost next to each other, but then there can,t be another for 1/2 mile.
    Two things are gained from doing this. First being safety, and the second the oil will last longer.
    North Dakota is one of the few states that has a surplus of money. We have so much that they are talking about no more property taxes. HOT DANG!!

  2. I almost forgot the weather for ND.
    28 above and sunny on it's way to 45 above.
    How's that for weather in the first month of the year in North Dakota?

    My first post was an 8 letter verifi, but this one is a five.


  3. Temp is up to 37 above already this morning. A rise of 9 degrees in just over 1 1/2 hours

  4. Horizontal drilling has now made it possible to go in different directions from a single well pad.

  5. My property lies smack on top of one of Texas' oil deposits.

    Unfortunately,the last mineral rights were sold back in the 20's - so I got none. The good news is the field is no longer active anyway!

    They pumped the last bit out of here about 1987. Haven't pumped since.

  6. 54 and sunny

    No property taxes, here in Maryland they only go one way, up! I'm jealous!

    Oil wells, we need more of them as well as refineries.

  7. Are those lighter areas seam from the drilling process or just overexposure on the photograph?


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