Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Barbed Wire

Texas week continues with this picture featuring Barbed Wire. Barbed Wire, along with the windmill and the Winchester were critical to taming the west. This picture was taken in 1939 in East Texas.


  1. Well, out of curiosity I GOOGLED barbed wire varieties.
    One article states there are over 1000 varieties, the next one says over 2100, and still another one states over 2400. And they are all in the same museum in Kansas. If there are over 2400 varieties, then I guess they are all right, because they all state OVER. Which means the one that said over 1000 would be right also.
    Interesting on how the use of a word can make you right even though you aren't even close to the right amount.

  2. 12 above, on the way to 30 above. It is suppose to be sunny with out any new snow.

    Hey a 5 letter verifi, my first post was an 8 letter.


    So, the verifi word was hard to read and it didn't go through. Now I have an 8 letter one.
    What a waste

  3. My Aunt had a collage of barbed wire all neatly laid out and labelled.

    Barbed wire may work for horses and cows (both of which I've never owned) but goats and pigs just laugh at it. I had yo use electric wire.

  4. That must be one stout old man. I have coiled barbed wire before, but I couldn't do it without some pretty stout canvas gloves.

    They did make them tougher back then.

  5. I have to agree with Al, you just can't handle that stuff very long without gloves. Without gloves, you are going to get cut and scratched and most likely get an infection. Plus that, it is just plain nasty stuff.

    DADD, I think they changed the looks of the verify words, they look a little thicker to me. Got a 6 letter one for this post, and I can read it pretty well, but some I got yesterday while browsing were just awful.

  6. waah very nice .... I loved the old pictures ... can stimulate our memory

  7. Good photo. (my brother collected several hundred samples of barb wire but no where near 2400+. That's amazing!) This ol' man is as tough as tanned leather. They did come tougher in that day. Had to be tough to survive.

    8 letter verification for this some-time commenter! lol At least I can read these words. oh; erm; I can read these letters!

  8. Devils wire is code word to get to the Barb wire museum. Cowboy hall of fame also has a large collection of barbed wire, or bob wire as we always called it.
    6 letter. 40F clear and dry.

  9. Should have been Devils Rope. Sorry.
    5 letter

  10. In the poor, rural household home I grew up in this kind of activity happened on occasion. Gloves were an expensive luxury. I don't recall a pair ever being available. You do what you have to.


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