Monday, December 5, 2011

White House Snow

Today's picture features a beautiful snow scene at the White House. The picture was taken in 1938. Almost looks like a Volkswagen in the foreground.

Well, we have gotten a little rain here, and it has gotten cold, but so far, no snow. I will keep you posted. Also, if anyone out there is getting snow, let us know.


  1. It is 1 (one) above right now, but no snow. We were suppose to get some, but it didn't happen.

  2. How much rain did you get in the last few days?

  3. PJM, you can have all the snow, I'm done with it. We got a foot in Manchester, NH on Oct28 and it has been mild ever since. My wife's grandmother lived till she was 103 and she used to tell me that when she was a little girl they pulled these big rollers behind a couple of horses to pack the snow down rather than remove it. There are a few pictures of that contraption on the internet.

  4. In February 1966, I went to work drive a linen delivery truck. My route was the SE part of North Dakota. On Wednesday, March 3, just after 2:00 I left the plant in Fargo and headed South. The snow had started falling fairly hard, but I kept to my route. I spent the night in Wahpeton, ND. On Thursday morning I finished up my deliveries in town and against warnings I headed out towards Lisbon, ND. I fought heavy snows all the way there, but finally made it. There I sat for 3 day until they got the highways opened up at least one lane.
    We had gotten 40.8 inches of snow over the 3 days and the wind blew up to 70 miles an hour. The snow was so hard that people that ran off the road didn't even sink in. They just sat on top of the hard snow.
    The snow was so packed the it filled in overpasses on the Interstate.
    One thing that has really stuck with me after all these years is on my drive down the Interstate and going through and over pass that they were able to cut out one lane wide, was seeing a car jammed up against the support beam of the overpass.
    It seems that this car had tried to travel on the Interstate and hit one of the hard packed snow banks forming in the underpass and ran right up the snow bank until it got jammed in against the beam. The tires of that car must have 12 feet of the ground. When they had cut the hole in the snow bank you could see the Right side of the car way up there.
    Man, I could tell you a dozen scary thing that happened to me that week. But right now I am exhausted from relating this store.

  5. We have no snow here in Southern Maryland. It is 53 degrees heading up to the low to mid-sixties. We may get some rain.

  6. When I was a kid a good snowstorm meant good money making oportunities. We used to canvas the streets knocking on doors asking to shovel driveways for money. Then with the money we went to Hansons general store and load up on candy. I remember the whole front of the store was 10 to 15 kids hanging out with snow shovels everywhere, munching on candy discussing what driveway resulted in the biggest payday. Those were good times. Outside in the snow, sun up to sun down.

  7. DADD: We lived just east of Fargo-Moorhead in 1966 and remember that storm, too! The one memory that sticks out in my mind is that after the plowing, the school bus drove down our street and you could only barely see it's yellow top. Those were some snowbanks. And it wasn't long after that storm that Fargo had the awful flooding.

  8. I don't know about other parts of the country but why is everyone in my neck of the woods so danged scared of snowstorms!
    I swear, each time we get even an inch or two on the ground they call of school for the kids and then just try to go to the store to pick up bread or eggs----none to be found because everyone's so danged scared of being stranded and starving---from two inches of snow!!!!
    I remember when I was a kid it would sometimes snow two or three feet and we still got our kisters out of bed, went down to help Mom stoke the trust coal stove, ate our oatmeal and got the heck out of the house. And we didn't have fancy footwear either. I was one of the youngest do I ended up wearing the boots my older brother had but there was a hole in the right sole and Mom would put cardboard in there for insulation. NOt like the prissy treatment todays kids get with their 200 dollar shoes (and more than one pair at that)!!!! Geez, the price they pay today for one pair of shoes could have fed our family for three months back in the day!!!!
    Bring on the snow here in Pennsylvania---get your shovels out--not some fancy snowblower that'll break down on you in a few weeks!!!
    And the danged local news acts as if the first and each succeeding snowstorm is some sort of tornado or hurricane or something!!!
    WHatever happened to pure "backbone"?????
    You keep posting the pics young man, I'll keep reading 'em.

  9. I love this photo!
    No snow but freezing fog!
    Seems to be very dry here for this time of year.
    Hoping we get some snow though.

  10. It is snowing here in central New Mexico.

  11. Great comments as always Mean old man. Sounds exactly like something my Grandma would have said; God rest her soul

  12. DADD I was teaching/coaching in Glyndon, MN at that time. I remember it well. Our sub district and district basketball tournaments were being played at Concordia in Moorhead. It played havoc with the tournament scheduling. Many had to be postponed. Going into Moorhead/Fargo the snowbanks were higher than the cars when the road was finally opened. rwm

  13. We got a few flurries from the October snow storm, but nothing since, and although it goes down to 31 or so at night, it is still getting too warm during the day for snow to stick. Just as well; my grandson works for Baltimore Gas and Electic, and it's no fun up in a "cherry picker" when it's 25 degrees and snowing - and people on the ground are complaining - to put it mildly - about how long you are taking to restore their power.

    We had one really bad storm the year I was in the tenth grade, that closed schools for a week. We knew it would be bad, so my dad moved his car to a corner near a main road - and the snow plows came down and boxed him in on both sides! He was stuck there for several days. If he had stayed on our driveway, he could have gotten out.

    And as far as schools being closed so often, MOM, it's because parents sue the school board if little Johnny so much as gets a sniffle waiting for the school bus in the snow. The kids don't surely appreciate it, as it means they have to go to school practically until Indedendence Day!

  14. We seem to lose electrical power more often now (and for longer) than we did when I was a kid. Maybe the trees are older and more susceptible to coming down (taking the power lines with them) under the weight of the snow or ice. The rail road (LIRR) also seems for all its improvements to have become less reliable in bad weather.


  15. That is not a Volks. It is a US made auto. Can't think of the name right now. Maybe tomorrow.

  16. In Iowa this winter, we have had a "skiff" early on, then 6" of wet and heavy snow. Those six inches have all melted and we've had snow flurries the last few days. It has been "spitting" snow. It could be far worse. Sometimes at this point in December we are snow covered.

  17. Car at extreme left is probably a Chevrolet Tudor ( Car behind is probably a Buick Special Business Coupe (

  18. Not a Volkswagen, the front is to straight. Think the answer is in the comment above.


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