Friday, December 30, 2011

Tribal Africa

Today we feature a photo of Tribal Africa. I admit I did not see anything this primitive during my travels here. This picture was taken in Kenya in 1936.


  1. good morning to all and a happy new year. im first for a change , thats one good thing about going to work early.

  2. Good morning also.
    Happy New year to one and all.
    How did your chicken fair during your time away> Any eggs get laid?
    It is 26 above and my 1/4 inch of snow turned into 1 inch of snow. High today is suppose to be in the high 20's.

    7 letter verifi today, back to normal.

  3. Well, now there is a 5 letter verifi, so I'm not going to waste it.

    Welcome back to the land of milk and honey. I understand from EAM, you plan to go back to Africa this coming summer.
    Since you are back you can pratice driving on the wrong side of the road when nobaody is looking

  4. 45 and sunny.

    The one on the right has a very interesting hair-do. Is that some kind of horn in it?

  5. Fabulous dreadlocks! Happy New Year!!

    Chilly here this morning in SW FL!! 50's brrrrrr

  6. Minus 26 here and cloudy and I'm not smiling, Brrrrrrrr.

  7. Ellena:
    If it is that cold in Canada, being only 75 miles South of the Canadian border, I would think we will be getting cold here real soon


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