Thursday, December 1, 2011

Travel by Zeppelin

This picture shows that the interior of the Graf Zeppelin was in fact quite posh. This shows the dining room. In addition to the dining room, the Zeppelin had individual sleeping quarters. The one issue is the airship was not heated, so it was in fact very cold in winter or when traveling over arctic regions.

This is a GREAT video that really lets you see the interior of these huge airships.


  1. I would guess that they didn't heat them because of fear of fire or if there was a small hydrogen leak, things could and would be disastrous.
    American air ships used non-burning/exploding helium were as the German air-ships used highly explosive hydrogen in their air bags.
    The Germans knew that hydrogen was dangerous, and wanted to use helium, but United States wouldn't sell them any of it, and they had the market cornered on helium.

  2. Really interesting about the heating but I guess that does make sense from a hydrogen point of view. I think air travel in general was more posh back then, and it was a real treat for anyone to do that so they dress up. I wish that still happened.

  3. Yeah, I know what Michael means.
    You go to an airport and you don't know if the person is a pan handler (beggar) or a person that is going to be flying right next to you.
    When did it become CHIC to dress down to travel now days? I can see not wearing a suit and tie, but to wear torn and raggedy cloths is a real shame.
    The same goes for train and bus riders also.

  4. PJM, what a wonderful find you made for us to see. I believe that the layout and small quarters got pretty old by the time the final destination was reached; especially for those used to the great passenger ships of the time.

    I still wonder if the cost was low enough to allow the zeppelins to ultimately be a viable transportation system. The fear that struck after the Hindenburg probably set the stage for the whole prospect to stumble into history as a commercial failure.

  5. In those days, travel was a formal, exciting event.

    Today, it is more like the train refugee scenes in Dr. Zhivago.

  6. Thank you for the airships articles,they were great!

  7. I agree; great video, thank you for posting it for us.


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