Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snow Scene

Today's snow scene is from New York City in 1905. I like how all the transportation appears to still be horse-drawn. The building is the Flatiron building. I wonder if it is still there? There is a very similar oddly shaped building in San Francisco.


  1. They are using horses because the car are all stuck.

    I believe that is what they call the Flat Iron building

    I did some checking into "Snow Days" up here in North Dakota.
    I found out that it is a complicated set of facts before they will call a snow day.
    The factors being how much snow is falling, and going to fall, how much wind there is, and how cold it is.
    One thing I did find out is that if there is not much wind, then the snowfall would have to be over 8 inches.
    Basically it would have to be a bad blizzard before they call a snow day.
    I guess it kind of depends a lot on what kind of weather is also coming. They worry about high winds that would form bad snow drifts, that could cause buses to get stuck.
    But all in all, it has to be some pretty rotten weather out there before they call a snow day.
    The biggest factor is the safety of the children
    So this Winter I will keep OPOD updated as to when a snow day get called up here in Grand Forks.

  2. There are ones in Chicago and Winnipeg

    The Flatiron Building was given another nickname: 'Burnham's Folly'. Many people at the time thought Daniel Burnham's triangular design combined with the building's exceptional height would not withstand strong winds. Some were even speculating how far the building's debris would spread after falling over. Last time I checked the building was still standing.

  3. My first two posts had 8 letter word verification with them.
    After I posted the last comment a 5 letter one came up and I couldn't resist using it.

  4. Wikipedia lists twenty-three other “flatiron” buildings around the world,

  5. New York has some interesting old buildings. So does Baltimore.

    Any time I go to any city other than Washington, DC, I feel rather like I am being hemmed in and trapped. That is because The buildings are so very tall compared to those in the District. The buildings there have height restrictions. Supposedly no building is allowed to be taller than the Washington Monument. That makes for a very short city.

    Still no snow here in Southern Maryland, 62 and raining.

    Lady Anne, is the Bromo Seltzer tower still standing? I used to see it everyday on my way to work. Now the stadiums are there.

  6. Here is the wikipedia article on this building.

  7. The Flatiron Building is still here in NYC. You may see it featured in many NYC based TV shows. It's on 23rd Street. When new the shape of the building seemed to have caused strong winds at street level. So much so that men used to hang around there to watch the wind blow young women's skirts. The police would tell the guys "23 skidoo!". (Their way of getting them to move on). That's where the phrase comes from.


  8. John: thanks for the '23 Skidoo' lesson. So interesting!

  9. I notice that most of these photos are taken in NYC. I always thought NYC did not get very much snow (until last year, when the weather reports noted the unusual amount of accumulation). Also, these pics were all taken either or nearly 100 years ago and NYC looks pummelled in most of them. Perhaps the pattern we are now in is an "every 100 year" type of episode as far as unusual snowfalls in certain locales.

  10. Myrtle, the Brommo Seltzer building is indeed still standing. I think it is considered a National Landmark now, so will probably be here for a long time. They have even gotten all four clock faces working again.

    I used to tell my parents I remembered the blue bottle on top, but since it was taken down before I was born, I suppose not. Maybe there's something to this reincarnation business, after all!

  11. I don't think all of the vehicles shown are horse drawn. One of them appears to be one of the HUNDREDS of electric cabs in operation in New York City at the time (note the side tiller steering), no doubut an Electrobat or Riker derivative built by the Electric Vehicle Company.

  12. I'm pleased as punch to tell you that we will be having our first real snowfall of the season here in Pennsylvania! We had a storm a few days before Halloween, but it was only onion snow.
    I have my trust shovel ready to do the hard work tomorrow morning since we are expecting about a foot!!!
    I can't wait!!!!

  13. There is a similar building in Vancouver, British Columbia in the gastown District.

  14. Something I have noticed about all of the snow pictures so far is that the snow is CLEAN, even after it has been moved around. These days, there is so much salt and sand dumped on the snow for driving safety, it tends to make it look really grubby after a very short while.
    We've had one good snow fall here in Newfoundland already, but things have warmed up, and it is all gone. I expect we'll get more soon.
    Graham in St. John's.

  15. Pawhuska, Oklahoma has some buildings similar to this. Just not as tall.

  16. We have a similar building also called 'the flat iron building' in Toronto, Canada. On the other end, the flat end there is a beautiful 'trompe l"oeil' mural.

  17. Not only is the Flatiron still there, I worked in that build for a year and a half while I was at MacMillan. Interesting trivia - Each floor has one bathroom (since the building was built before women worked). So the men's bathrooms are on the even floors, the women's bathrooms are on the odd floors.


  19. My grandfather left me thousands of his old photographs, and I believe I have one of this building as well. I think his was taken in around 1915. Where do you get these photos? (sorry if you've answered this, I'm a newcomer)


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