Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Road to Kitale

Today's picture is from the 1930's and it shows a car on the highway between Nairobi and Eldoret. We are taking this same highway. We first have to get to Eldoret, and then it is one more hour to Kitale. What I learn from this picture is that the highway was much better maintained in the 1930's.


  1. 18 above and no snow

    I understand they are in a rainy period in Texas.

    It was only a six letter verifiation today

  2. How are you managing to post to your blog?

    Looking forward to seeing Kenya through your "eyes."

  3. I guess everyone's question is what does your ride look as good as the one in today's picture?


  4. My bet is PJM is on an old Land Rover or Toyota Land Cruiser with about a million miles on it. Either that, or he found a limo somewhere.

    DADD, my bad luck is on a roll. Another 8 letter one today.

  5. I think the old pictures are fantastic but this week I'd like to see your current pictures in route to Mattaw. What does your ride look like now? All the best on your journey! DADD, it's about 40 degrees, bright sun in Beantown. It's been really nice here since that last snow storm in Oct.

  6. I just love those old cars!

  7. great old car--hope yours is or was better. What an adventure you are taking us on. Thanks lam :)


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