Saturday, December 3, 2011

New York Snow Scene

December is here, and I am hoping for snow. So, this will be snow week here at OPOD. We kick off the week with this snowy scene from New York City in the early 1900's. While I am hoping for snow here, things do not look all that pleasant in this picture.


  1. we had a beautiful white Christmas last year here in NC and im hoping for another this year its priceless to see your grandson playing in the snow on Christmas morning. Happy holidays to all ,and thanks for the great pics. Todd from NC.

  2. LADY ANNE, in yesterday's blog you made a remark. Here is the truth.

    From Wikipedia,
    An urban legend has it that Morrison was fired by WLS for his emotional reaction, but according to the station's weekly magazine and Morrison himself, this is not true. In fact, he was highly praised by station management, and the story of how he and Nielsen made the recording was described in detail. It is possible that the story of his being fired came about because Morrison left WLS a year later to work for the Mutual Broadcasting System and that network's New York flagship station, WOR

    Up here in North Dakota, we have had two snows of about 1-1/2 inch total so far this year. And it has all melted, so we are back to bare ground. We have set about 5 or 6 high temps so far this Fall/Winter.

  3. (Pfff those were some mean looking riffles, I'm glad you removed that comment.)

    I love to visit NY some day, preferably a summer day without snow.

  4. The picture may be old but the feeling I get looking at it is the same I will get this winter.

    The problems with snow here in NY...
    - it lands on the sidewalks and streets
    - just another excuse for poor train and bus service
    - it turns dark brownish gray after about one day

    Just four months until spring.


  5. Just to let you folks know, we here in CT have already had about 1 foot of snow! Unfortunately is was all in one night on Oct 28th!!!! I wish it had waited till December to come down and then it would have been really pretty! Instead, it cancelled Halloween and left some of us out in the dark for one week. I can wait for snow this winter!

    I can't wait to see what snow pics you post though. I love the old scenes.

  6. No measurable snow has ever fallen in my town, but I remember when we were kids if the weather got down as low as the 40s, we started looking for clouds and hoping.

  7. We had our first snow earlier in the week. It hung around for a couple days but temps into the 50's today so I rode my bicycle. In the winter i shovel the driveway for excercise and go skiing for fun. Sledding, winter hikes and skis are stuff we do as family during wintertime in Ohio.

  8. Rob, may I suggest you visit NYC in Spring or Autumn. Summer is hot and "smelly". I loved snow when I was a child. I don't think I would like it so much now. We live in Southern California. My daughter experienced her first snowfall when she went back East to college.

  9. And in Iowa, we have had one "skiff" of snow and another later 6". It is all gone now and we had rain today -- but we will have more before we are done. I'm with John, counting down the months 'til Spring.

  10. PJM- I didn't realize that you even HAD snow where you live.

    I agree with the previous poster who wrote that despite the era, this picture immediately evokes the sensations and feelings of a winter day.

    Here in Rhode Island, we usually have a couple of big snowstorms each season, but most of the heavy accumulation avoids us due to our proximity to Narragansett Bay. However, last year was an exception, with one major storm after another, totalling almost five feet for the year. I lost track of how much money I paid my landscaper to plow my driveway and clear my sidewalks.

    While a nice seasonal dusting is always appropriate for the Christmans season (and for sledding), I can certainly do without a winter like last year.

    We had a small snowstorm right before Halloween, but it was gone the next day. Other, more inland, parts of New Englad received much more significant accumulation.

    Although this is the first week of December, the temperatures here in RI have been in the 60s for the past two weeks and were way above average for the month of November - we havent' even been wearing coats!! The leaves on the trees were mostly green until after Halloween and didn't completely fall until a couple of weeks ago.

    It certainly saves on the heating bills, but why can't we have a happy medium?

  11. LindaB:

    Here in RI, we were fortunate to escape most of the October snowfall. We heard all about the unreasonable amount of time Connecticut and Massachusetts were without power - it was ridiculous - what were the utilities doing? I hope you recieve a rebat on your utility bill.


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