Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kenya, Africa

Today's picture is from 1936, and it shows a family and a mud hut in Kenya. Interesting thing is that you could take a picture just like this still today. Many people in the countryside are still living in conditions no different than these.


  1. I'm speechless, and yet when you try to give them aid, some warlord is going to show up and take every thing away for himself.

  2. 30 above and no snow


  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I just spent the last three years living in rural western Kenya, and I can testify that it is true: you can find people living JUST like this today!
    Can you tell us where in Kenya this was taken, and maybe which tribe the people in the photo belong to?
    Thanks again,
    Moses Ochieng

  4. So how is the visit going? Is it what you expected? What surprises have you found?

    Need input!

    45 degrees and cooling in NE Texas.

  5. 62 and light rain in Maryland. It seems that winter has passed us by for now.


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