Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Finally got to final destination and had happy reunion with the lovely Ms. EAM. We then went out to Mattaw, and I got to meet Georgie, who quiet possibly is the cutest kid in the world. We went into his house and had tea with his house parents. Georgie chugged his tea, then came sat in my lap, turned his tea cup upside down to show it was empty, and then looked all sad at me. Well, by the time I left, Georgie had finished my tea. They had all warned me about him, but sadly I fell victim to his cuteness.


  1. He is rather cute.

    I'm glad you arrived safely.

    Your Christmas will be spent together. What a blessing!

  2. That should be Myrtle not tragsh, that was the word verification! What a noodle brain!

  3. Once he had your tea, did he drink it slower?

    My word veri lestsiti

  4. OH wait, I have a five letter verifiation come up and felt that I couldn't waste it.


  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. oh. . . how could you not? He has missed out on some early father/son bonding. You may be the subsitute.