Friday, December 16, 2011

Flying Machine

We wrap up Travel Week with this picture . . . an improvised flying machine. I have a bad feeling that this thing never got off the ground.

Well, our trip begins tomorrow. I will try to keep you all updated. Lets hope for a smooth trip.


  1. 12 above on this frosty morning in Gran Forks, ND And still no snow. We had 2 blizzards by this time last year.

  2. And if it did get off the ground, he more than likely killed himself. It doesn't look very safe to me.

    Have good and safe trip. Make sure that the lights are turned off in the chicken coop.

  3. have fun and merry Christmas.

    Todd from N.C

  4. 55 degrees and bright and sunny. I don't miss the snow.

    That is one weird looking contraption.

  5. have a safe trip,happy holidays,,,,,,!
    oldbear !


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