Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Driving in Africa

Being in Africa has been an eye opening experience. It is much poorer than I had imagined. I had imagined to be something more like Mexico, but conditions are far worse. The video below shows a glimpse of what things look like on the 8 hour drive from Nairobi to Kitale.


  1. When you see people living like that, you can understand why they want to come to America.
    Then when they can't come, you can understand why some of them strike out against Americans.
    I find it hard to believe that even the worst living conditions in America is as bad as some of them have it over there.
    So if you think you have it bad here in America, just look at what they have over there.
    I thank my lucky stars that I was born here in the USA, instead of almost any other place in the world.
    Sure, there are nice places to visit around the world, but I love this country and I sure am glad I live here.

  2. 46 degrees in Hutto, Tx and it rained all night.

  3. Vermont! Major ski area and no snow to speak of? Wazzup? Have a good one.

  4. Our rector went to Tanzania several years ago and the videos he and his wife took along the road from the airport to the "town" where they were visiting with a member of the parish was so wobbly it made oyou seasick. I was told that was a GOOD road! Good grief!


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