Thursday, December 15, 2011

British Imperial Airways

This is a great picture for our "Travel" theme this week. We have a car, bus and an airplane. The airplane is interesting in that it appears to be a passenger biplane. It looks like motors are mounted on upper and lower wings, but I can not tell for sure how many engines the plane has. The picture was taken in 1936.

Well, we are making final preparation for our departure on Friday. The lovely Ms. EAM assures us she will be in Nairobi to pick us up.


  1. All you needed was a train and you would have had the whole set.

    I can count at least 3 engines on this side, so I would hazard a guess that there are 3 engines on the other side, and that would make it a six engine bi-plane.
    It is kind of a scary looking mode of flying.

  2. I did a little digging and found out that the plane is a Hannibal Class Handley that first flew in 1931 and only has 4 engines on it.
    Powerplant: 4 × Bristol Jupiter XIF radial engine, 490 hp (365 kW) each
    It flew at 100 MPH.

  3. 48 and no snow!

    That is an interesting picture. The desert sand, the natives and the plane's name, Hengist.

    Hengist was a Germanic invader of England, a long time ago. He was rather treacherous; he invited Vortigern, a native Briton, and his men to a peace treaty. All his men were armed with hidden long knives, and upon Hengist's signal, they killed the unarmed Britons next to them, but spared Vortigern. Hence the origin of the term, the Night of Long Knives.

  4. Thats a Fantastic picture it epitomizes travell week. PJM, it might be hard to top that one tomorrow. I'm looking foward to the effort though.

  5. Very close, DADD. The Hengist was not a H.P.42, but a 45, so this plane was equipped with four Bristol Jupiter XFBM supercharged 555 hp engines.

  6. HMMMM
    From what I remember The Night Of The Long Knives was June 29-30, 1934. But who's to say that the name wasn't used more than once in history.

  7. Great picture.

    Related to this, the recent British Airways television advertisement with a selection of their aircraft through history is an absolute classic.

  8. The Nazi Knight of Long Knives took its name from the old Hengist story.

  9. Handley Page H.P.42 Hanno

  10. Very nice photo! Best wishes for a wonderful time in your African safari and Merry Christmas.


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