Wednesday, December 28, 2011

African Queen

Our tour of Africa would not be complete without some Royal Images, so here we present the Queen of Ethiopia. The picture was taken in 1933. The child is her son. I am not sure how long her dynasty ran, or if the child ever became King.


  1. Her name was Empress Menen Asfaw.
    What an interesting life she had, I Googled her.
    She was 71 when she died.
    I remember she was a Mystery Person about a year ago.

  2. 18 above with a light skiff of snow.

    No 5 letter Verifi today.

  3. Well I'll take that back. I got one just now.


  4. The monarchy in Ethiopia ended with the death of Hailee Salasse. His son never did rule but lived in exile.

    41 degrees and mercifully the wind and rain have stopped.

    I wonder just what has captured the kid's attention. His mom has an odd look on her face as well but appears to be looking at something else.

    I like the queen's cape.

  5. I believe the child is her fifth child and second son (and the favorite of Halle Selassie), Prince Makonnen. He died in an auto accident in 1957.

  6. I come to the fountain of knowledge every day (night). I drink. I know none of this. I really know nothing about Africa. So I really do learn something every day. Now, at my age, retention is a totally different story : )

    Iowa is having above average temps and below average snowfall.


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