Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zeppelin over the Tower of David

Today we feature a photograph of the German Graff Zeppelin over the Tower of David in Old Jerusalem. The picture was taken in 1931. This week we will be looking at pictures of these grand old airships.


  1. Two different futures colliding? The age of the soon to be doomed airship made by the country that plays a pivotal role in the growth of the future Jewish state! Lot of intersecting timelines there?

  2. The zeppelin doesn't look like it belongs there. Jerusalem looks so medieval, and the airship so new, relatively speaking.

    The photograph is fascinating. I love old architecture. The walls look like they have arrow slits. What an interesting place to explore! Thanks!

  3. This should be a good week. Airships are very interesting creatures.

  4. To add to what has been said:
    A serene picture yet it contains a passenger airship representing the state of the art in technology soon to be adorned in the swastika of nazi Germany flying over the Biblical city where the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ gave His life for all mankind.


  5. If you can find and, interior photographs will show the almost opulent design of these ships. Many were done in the art deco style of the time.

    Looking forward to this week!

  6. There is a half fictiona/half documentary movie about the first voyage around the globe in this Zeppelin starring Lady Grace Drummond Hay and Carl von Wiegand, "Farewell" is the name. Certainly worth the time spent!

    Thank's for your pictures, I have enjoyed!

    Hannu from Finland


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