Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today we feature another photograph from the grand old days of Air Travel. These were back in the days when Flight Attendants were still polite. Yes, Flight Attendants have gotten progressively grumpier over the last 20 years, but in fairness, I think it is probably because the travelling public has gotten a lot more impolite, and finally we have gotten to the point where everyone on the airplane is in a foul mood. Mrs. PJM works at the Rental Car counter at the airport. She has some pretty amazing stories about the terrible manners of the traveling public today. The first response everyone has to anything they do not like is to launch into a cussing fit. Ah for the old days when we lived in a polite society.


  1. PJM, You are so right about the impoliteness of everyone. I took a flight not long ago on British Air to Heathrow and the flight attendant (stewardess for pre 1980 travellers) seemed so abrupt and rude to me when I asked for a pillow. I didn't dare ask for anything else the rest of the trip. Why be mean to me?, I'm one of the few nice guys on the plane. I don't want to lump all flight attendants into the same category but there is much less friendly service these days. Then again so much has changed with having to deal with security issues, etc. that I give folks with high stress jobs a break. Being in tech support for a large gas generator manufacturer I have many stories about how rude some folks can be. Thats why I'm always polite with any customer service folks. If only all of Mrs. PJM's customers could be Old Picture of the Day followers her job would be delightful, mine too.

  2. I have always lived by the rule. "Treat others as I would want to be treated".
    If I get to a door first, I hold it open for the person behind me.
    If something falls on the floor, makes no difference who dropped it, I will pick it up.
    I always say please, and thank you.
    If a clerk says have have a good daay, I will thank them and tell them to have a good day also.
    If treated decent at the counter, I will thank the clerk even if they didn't thank me. But if they did thank me, I will say your welcome.

    Like I said "Treat people they way you want to be treated".
    If every one did that maybe it would catch on and things would get nicer all around

  3. I learned a lesson about people being picked out for a higher security check.
    I almost always wear a cap.
    I don't fly much, so I wasn't that up on how tight security was, but I think this was a little over the top.
    This was before things got real tight.
    When I went through the security check to the waiting area, I was pulled out of the line and had to take my shoes off (now this is a standard thing) and empty my pocket of everthing. They went through my carry on, even though it had gone through the machine already.
    Well there was no problem, but when we landed and had to get on another flight, our smaller plane was met by a bus and took to the terminal. When we unloaded, I was pulled out of the line again, and had to take off my shoes again and they went through my carry on again.
    Then when we got to the boarding gate, I was pulled out of line again, and check out again.
    This rechecking was getting a little wearing, but I actually was glad they were being so careful.
    I got to thinkinf thing over in my mind. So I never wore my cap inside a airport again, and was never check again.
    I figured that it was wearing my cap that may have hid my face some and made me look like I had something to hide.
    I really don't fly much, but I am glad that all that security is in place.

  4. I can agree with that. Remember as a kid thinking that travel was so great, and now as an adult with a baby on the way it will always be that looming nightmare of getting through security, extra money for bags and then other issues as you described.

  5. I accidentally learned a lesson once when a bank teller was continually irritating. one day she was wearing a lovely necklace & I commented on it. She was never rude or short with me again! Now I throw out compliments left & right. Sometimes I have to dig a bit.

  6. My Brother (who does alot of flying) has a similar story as DADD.

    His carry-on kept getting pulled to the side and re-checked. After this happened about 4 times he finally realized that he was keeping extra batteries in the same pocket of the carry-on as his ear buds. So in the X-ray there was a dark spot(batteries) surrounded by wires(ear-bud). He put the batteries in a different pocket and never had another issue.

  7. Good comments. Could we please send these to the flight attendent school. I remember my first flight at nine. I had to change planes in Dallas and was in their care until they put me on the next plane and they were very nice to me when I am sure it was a pain to care for a kid. The attendant gave me a box (the whole box) of pepperment lifesavers when I got off the plane and I was trilled beyond words. She would probably be fired for that today. lam

  8. My cousin is 50+ and an attendant with American Airlines. Recently she mentioned that she likes air travels to be bumpy because it keeps people in their seats. I am sure she would verify the rise in nastiness among the population. I have to say we avoid flying nowadays, one is bound to get into a foul mood with the mess at airports, parking in the hinterlands, being herded and probed and then crowded and wedged like sardines into seats. We avoid it.

  9. Ha! Wonderful picture! :) I agree, I think everyone in general is just impolite! Not just when flying! Up north in the highlands (of Scotland) people actually say hello when you pass them, it's like a different world! Down here in the lowlands everyone is so rude and in a grumpy hurry! I like what Judi said, I try and just be nice to destroy their fowl moods, it can often throw people when you are nice to them! They maybe don't get it too often! :)

  10. A smile and a few genuine kind words go a long way in thawing out surly attendants, clerks, waiters etc. You never know what may be going on in their lives, what hardships and heartaches they may be facing. But some people are genuinely downright cantankerous like the old billy goat we used to own. As my mother used to say, there's no helping some people.

    It looks like Easter time on the plane. I love Easter and the Resurrection.

  11. After reading all the comments from today it's obvious that Old Pic of the Day followers are the nicest most polite people around. So I was right when I said if Mrs. PJM's customers were all OPD followers her job would be delightful.


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