Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today's picture was taken in 1903. It shows an old prospector in Wyoming, working in the area of Yellowstone. I love the hat . . .the turned up front bill really gives the guy a sense of credibility. I will admit though, I never really understood the "fold the front of the hat upwards" hat style.


  1. Me too. I thought one of the ideas of wearing a hat was to keep the sun out of your eyes.
    It makes me think of these kids that wear their caps backwards. Or worse yet with the bill turned to the side. I guess they think it looks cute, but I think it makes them look stupid. Kind of like they don't have their heads screwed on straight.
    But yeah, this guy looks like a prospector. With the horse for riding and the mule to haul all his gear. But he is awful clean looking, he must a just took a bath for this photo.

  2. At certain times of the day when you are looking down the upturned hat will shade or put more light on your sight area while bending over to work. At the same time the tilted back brim will also shade your neck area from the sun. Been there and done that back in the day.

  3. DADD hits it right on the button!!!
    The only people who should wear caps backwards are baseball catchers!!!!
    At least they have a good reason to.
    Then these kids wear their pants so low you get to wonder why they bother wearing them at all. But of course they want to show off their underwear---dang!!! No wonder why this country is in the shape that it is!!!!
    If I wanted to see mens underwear other than my own I'd have gone to school to be a doctor!!
    I don't know why the brim on the ol' prospectors hat is upturned but I do know that this was also a fashion of the US soldier in the Spanish American War. Maybe it was a function to battle sweat coming from the brow as Cuba has very hot weather.
    Keep the pics comin' young man and I'll keep lookin' at 'em!!!


  5. Mean Old Man said it about the underwear----not to long ago, as was cashiering where I worked, this guy was coming down the aisle to be checked out. He had a baby under one arm and a big bag of diapers under the other, all the while trying to hold his pants up. It was a toss-up of what was going to hit the floor first.

  6. Pretty funny stuff. I give the kids a break on the hat atire. Back in the day I wore a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. Now I wear one to keep the sun from burning my bald spot, LOL. Styles come and go. I remember our standard outfit in High School was, long hair, skinny jeans, a concert tee shirt and a flannel shirt (unbuttoned) over the tee shirt. I must admit, we looked like slobs but ya do grow up and realize that you need to change the look in order to get a job. The low ridding pants of todays youth fashion is ridiculous. I tried it once as an experiment and thought it was really uncomfortable and hard to walk in. I think the low pants style is starting to fade a little. I see less of it today than 5 years ago.

  7. This man looks pretty clean! And, his beard is neatly trimmed. He must have spruced up for the picture?

  8. To clear the field of vision and to let rain drain back and away.

  9. Snow on the ground!

    I hope we don't have a rough winter. Whatever it is it will be nothing like winter in Wyoming.

    Maybe he was all spruced up for a trip to town or church.

    Talk about slobs, why do people wear jeans to a wedding?

  10. Frozen ground = less dust or mud. Easier to "look" clean. Less likely to want to take a bath (or even change his clothes) so looks may be deceiving.


  11. A regular brim gets in the way when putting your face right next to a gold pan or sluce box to see the tiny bits of gold.


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