Friday, November 18, 2011

Prospecting in Pinos Altos

We wrap up Old Prospector week with this photo from 1940. The picture shows a prospector working his Rocker Box near Pinos Altos New Mexico. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures this week as much as I have . . . now to decide on a theme for next week!


  1. Prospecting was hard work. The area he is in looks rather bleak and barren. I wonder if he ever struck it rich.

    I enjoyed prospectors week.

    I think a week of conspiracies and secret societies would be fun.

  2. How about a week of those that "struck it rich"?

  3. This looks like very tedious work. The guy is probably thinking, "How can I stop now?" The next bucket of sand and rocks might be my lucky one!" Prospecting week was fun, just like opera week, I learned alot! Very entertaining.

  4. Some great old photos this week. Panning is one hobby I've always wanted to try but never got around to.

    Keep up the good work PJM.

  5. Thank you, PJM, for your generosity in offering to the larger world a daily photograph. Such a labor of love!
    I really enjoy the photographs and the backstory.

    How about photos of the missions in California?

    Did you already explore building the railroads?

    How about robber barons?

  6. Your photo . . . I think this is another "Brownie Moment". Good clear pic. How about a week of Homesteaders in the Southwest? I have a couple of great old photos to share.


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