Monday, November 7, 2011

President Roosevelt Flying

Good Monday Morning to you all! This week we are looking, and reminiscing about air travel. Today's picture was taken in 1943, and the President was being flown to North Africa. The headline that went with this picture was . . . "The First President Ever to Fly Seems to Enjoy it Hugely". Now, was FDR really the first President ever to fly . . . if not, who was?


  1. I believe Teddy was the first President to fly....but I also think he may have been a former Pres. at the time, which is a technicality.

  2. Ringo is right.
    Here is a list of other firsts by Teddy
    to fly in an airplane
    to be submerged in a submarine
    to own a car
    to have a telephone in his home
    to travel outside the borders of the US while still in office. TR took the battleship USS Louisiana to Panama in 1906.
    to entertain an African-American in the White House, inviting Booker T. Washington to dinner
    to win the first AMERICAN as well as first President to win a Nobel Prize in ANY of the six categories - he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906.

    I always admired Teddy, I guess because he lived and ranched up here in North Dakota for awhile

  3. DADD, I am reading "The Rise of T Roosevelt" by Morris right now. I am amazed with pracitically every page turn. A most unusual man.

  4. DADD, it's interesting how people are so different. When President McKinley visited Buffalo for the Pan-American Exposition, he also took in Niagara Falls, but before he did, he had his aides go out on the bridge between the US and Canada and mark the halfway point, just to make sure he wouldn't be the first president to leave the US while in office.

  5. Maybe I'm mistaken but isn't that
    Tyrone Power sitting next to FDR?


  6. I think that there is some confusion here: Theodore "Teddy" was president from 1901 to 1909. Franklin "FDR" was president from 1933 to 1945, and we see here a picture of FDR. Planes were not this developed when Teddy reigned / Jim

  7. RE JOHN: It sure as heck does look like the great late actor Tyrone Power sitting next to FDR!!!
    They don't make actors like him and good ol' Erroll Flynn anymore.

    While we're on the subject of Presidents and flying---who needs Air Force ONE!!??!!!

    THe danged plane is nothing but a flying hotel, health spa, and office complex all in one...and the President can at the flip of a dime fire it up and go anywheres at the taxpayers expense! It costs over a million dollars each time he flies to places where he could take a train for far less expense. ANd don't talk to me about when he goes to Europe or Asia, he can tag on a good ol' Navy battleship and get to these places in time if he just leaves a bit earlier.
    AF One never made any sense to me. And it seems our Presidents are very spoiled what with them being waited on hand and foot by the poor white house custodial help.
    IF the President really wantted to make a gesture in cutting the budget he would sell AF one to the highest bidder, and I bet it wouldn't take too long to sell it either!!!
    And this rant ain't because I don't like the President because my opinion will be the same next year when we have a new President.
    To Heck with Air Force ONE!!!!!!
    Keep posting the pics, young man, and I"ll keep lookin' at 'em.

  8. I do not think it is Tyrone Power but he sure is as pretty!! From the sleeves he looks military. What say you PJM or Nate(ENM)?
    Alos I think Ringo and DADD are talking about Teddy not FDR. Right guys?

  9. Tyrone Power was a USMC pilot. The Marine's officer uniform (and note the wings) fit the title.


  10. Calvin Coolidge was first president to fly in 1933.. He was out of the office on Jan 5th 1933.
    Wonder where he flew?

  11. never mind that was wrong, it's FDR

  12. The man with FDR is a pilot, Otis Bryan. So, not the actor.

  13. Sorry folks. The first president to go up in an aircraft was - ta,dah! - Geo. Washington, himself. He flew in a hot air balloon over Virginia.

  14. thanks for the advice -_-


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