Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today's picture was taken in 1938 at the airport in Washington DC. The picture shows a group of passengers in front of an airplane. As people have noted earlier this week . . . look how nicely all the people are dressed. I don't understand how we have gotten to the point that so many people want to look "thuggy". When did it become desirable to look like a thug? I believe we sort of act like we dress . . . when we dress nice, we act nice. When we dress like thugs, we . . .


  1. I was never a suit and tie guy. Just to church, weddings and funerals and photos.
    My Dad always wore a suit and a tie and a real hat, even in the car. He would even wear a suit while on vacation. I don't think he really had any other type of clothes.
    Now days you hardly see any one (unless he is a politician) wearing a suit and tie anymore much less a hat.

    I wouldn't say that travelers are dressing like thugs, but they sure don't seem to care what they wear on public transportation. Cut off jeans, flip-flops, ratty looking clothes.

  2. The time it takes to dress (plus hair styling & make-up) like that everyday? Life is too short. Casual, comfortable & neat is all that's needed. We had a minister once & my husband invited him to go fishing. He showed up in a white shirt & tie. Never liked the guy after that.

  3. You can't do much dressing up anymore with all the undressing you have to do before you even get to board the plane. I don't do to much flying, but when I do I wear shoes I can step right out of since I'm asked to remove my shoes each time. Times have changed.


  4. I like how they left the skin on the old birds bare aluminum.

  5. I remember air travel in the 50's and it was so much classier then. The stewardesses (as they were called then) were always pleasant. Full meals were served with real cutlery. No extra charges for anything and no long waits in the airport. I'm in Toronto, Canada and we have 100,000 new people each year who come here. No wonder our airport is now one of the busiest and the worst.

  6. RE: JUdy, young lady, maybe your minister was coming from a funeral service and did not have time to change.
    In my day we all dressed properly for events or even for a night on the town a suit and a tie was a must. Of course, as Judy mentioned, we usually went fishing in casual clothes, along with doing the yard work or other outdoor activities.
    But if you were taking your best girl to the flicks on a Friday night, you wore a suit and she wore a nice dress. NOt like today when young ladies show practically every part of their body!!! And most time those bodies of both sexes are covered in disgusting tattooos!!! DANG!!!
    I have a tattoo myself that I got in the Army in WWII on my left forearm. But its the only tattoo i have! And personally, ladies should NOT have tattoos!!!
    God, how I wish the good ol' days would come back, but I guess I'm just an old codger.
    YOu keep posting the pics young man and I'll keep lookin at em!!

  7. I think the thug/casual look started in the big cities and rippled out from there. I remember my parents took us to Nashville back in 1970 (I know it was 1970 because we went to see "Patton" in a Nashville theater one evening). I was this high school sophomore wearing jeans and a t-shirt (as usual in my hometown (in Long Island , NY) and there staring at me was a bunch of similar aged kids. The guys were all wearing pressed slacks and button down shirts. I felt like a slob.


  8. I miss men wearing "dress" hats. My dad always did for "good". Guess it was a thing of the 30s & 40s. Also, pressed cuffed pants, a starched white shirt (even if the sleeves were rolled up)and a tie. Just plain classy.

  9. I blame it on James Dean. Once Rebel without a cause got so big everyone thought it was acceptable to wear jeans and a T-shirt.

  10. I agree with most of the comments here with the point that we all would probably feel more like dressing up to travel if airlines didn't treat us so much like cattle.

    Since the airlines have done their level best to eliminate all comfort from travel, it's up to people to make themselves as comfortable as possible while traveling. I do, however, think you can be comfortable and still not have to dress like a "thug".


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