Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Parking Zeppelin

Today's picture features the tedious task of parking the Zeppelin. I am thinking you would have to have almost completely still conditions to put the Zeppelin in the Hangar.I wonder how they managed rough weather?

Interesting conversation yesterday in the comments on whether people would enjoy Zeppelin Travel today. Sort of a new version of cruising. I know people would enjoy it, but I wonder if it could be made economically viable. Given the Zeppelins had really limited passenger space (room for maybe 100 passengers), I would bet it would be quiet expensive. 


  1. I think that was one of the ideas of having a floating barge.
    They would be able to turn the barge into the wind so that there was no side breeze or wind on the Zeppelin itself.
    Just ny opion, I could be wrong, but it makes a lot of sense.

  2. Acouple of comments about yesterdays blog.
    Yes Nancy. they did have motors on them. That is how they moved forward. They didn;t make much noise because the motors were way in they back.
    They had lots of windows, and the windows even opened up.

    Now I made a comment that I thought the photo had showed a blimp instead of a Zeppelin. I could not see a tail (which it ould need for steering) in the photo, so I was guessing that it was a blimp. But I could have been wrong, because it looks like a very large airship, to big to be just a blimp.

  3. DADD is right. THe floating hangar was built so they could turn the structure to allow for wind.

  4. Zeppelins are fascinating, they conjure up thoughts of bygone days when getting there was a fun as the destination. travel was luxurious, people dressed for dinner, the tables were set with tablecloths, real china and silverware. like the beautiful passenger trains of old.
    They also have a darker side, spies and air raids.
    I would hate to fly in one.
    I imagine a really good storm would just about destroy one.

  5. My folks travelled back and forth from the States to the UK many times, always on the QE2. (My dad despised flying.) If you can afford to count the travel time as part of your vacation, you cannot fly to Europe, stay in first class hotels, and eat at the finest restaurants, go to first run movies or see Broadway plays every night, as cheaply as you can go by ship. (And, you don't have to deal with the ATF!) Also, for what it's worth, each time you travel with Cunard, they automatically upgrade you one level, so after several trips, you can be paying tourist rates and going first class. (My dad died 12 years ago, so don't know if this is still true, but it was then.)

  6. Its not a zeppelin, but you can take a ride on a blimp. I live in southern California where a Goodyear Blimp is parked. It goes out (almost daily it seems ) on local trips taking tourists or dignitaries around.

  7. Thanks for enlightening me, DADD! I have never been up in a hot air balloon but would love that or a Zeppelin or air ship. My brother built an ultra light from a kit and the doors were held shut with velcro. I loved riding in that! I think top speed was 55 - 60 mph. My favorite commercial flight was into Ann Harber, MI in such a small plane that I had to step over the strut, going down the aisle. I have enjoyed this series. Thank you!


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