Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Summer Fun

We have more summer fun from the 1920's today with this picture from Arlington Beach. We see three girls riding a donkey. I can honestly say that I have never ridden a donkey, and certainly never ridden one with two other people.


I have an update on yesterday's unpleasantness. It had appeared that Ms. EAM had simply Gone Rouge on us and had started posting inflammatory material over at her blog. But now it has become clear that the Evil Nate Maas is behind it all. Those of you who follow his blog see that he is orchestrating this great rebellion.

In digging into things a little deeper, I have found that the Malaria pills that Ms. EAM is taking have the following side effects:

"The FDA product guide states Mefloquine can cause health problems including: anxiety, hallucinations, depression, unusual behavior, and rebellion among others."

So, apparently the Evil Nate Maas has used the opportunity of Ms. EAM's weakened cognitive state to turn her against all that is good and just and to align with his dark schemes.


  1. Somehow that photo reminds me of the Three Stooges.
    I never rode a donkey either, but my sister and I used to ride my cousin's pony that bit. My sister always made me ride in front so I would be the one in range. For some reason, my cousin never rode her pony.
    My uncle got the pony second hand, real cheap. You get what you pay for.

  2. My Dad had malaria while on active duty WW2 Philippines. The quinine had his ears ringing for years after the war ended.

    I rode horses at summer camp. One horse had the ability to cut corners just tight enough in the corral so your knee would hit the fencepost at speed. he also bit the other horses.


  3. This blog is the greatest show ever: PJM< the "evil" Nate Maas, etc. I have never met you nor you each other, but feel as if we are all good friends.
    If I ever hit big on the lottery I am going to fly everyone out to my estate and have a big OPD party!!!
    Thanks for the fun!!!

  4. I refuse to believe that Ms. EAM has turned against what is just and good, and I don't even know her personally.

  5. Very strange picture, it brings up alot of questions. I guess the first one is WHY? Why are 3 women sitting on a donkey at the beach? Who even brings a donkey to the beach? Was that a popular activity in the twenties like doing the Charleston? Can you ride the donkey in the water? Do donkeys like the water? Whats the name of the Donkey? See... Lots of questions, LOL.

  6. And that's one reason he's called the Evil Nate Maas.

  7. Dave 107,
    Arlington Beach is right across the Potomac River from Washington,DC. That should explain everything.

  8. Is that not the Washington Monument in the upper left hand corner of the pic?

  9. Also, if you'll look to the left of the photo, it appears that someone else was holding the lead rope. Likely this was a photo op (Take Your Picture on a Donkey!!) They were probably tourists :)


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