Friday, November 4, 2011

Men Cannoeing

While looking for Summer Camp pictures, I came across this picture, and while I m not sure it is a summertime picture, I can not help but use it. Wow, is this the perfect scene or what. I love the old wooden canoe, I like the mens clothing and hats, and can see they are about to go fishing. They are smoking pipes, and the one even looks like he has a comfortable chair. Looks like all the makings of the perfect day.


  1. Hello PJM, I really had to do some digging to come up with some memories from the summer camp days of my youth. I camped out on Kelly's Island up on Lake Erie with my 4H club and also as a Cub Scout. A little later I spent some time at Lackland AFB but I don't know if you can consider that "camping". After all we had air conditioned dormitories. It was summer though being August in Texas.

    As for today's picture I like canoes and kyaks. basically anything that gets me outside and having fun.

  2. This story isn't about canoeing, but about camping.
    Back in the Fifties my Dad use to go South from North Dakota down into Kansas and Nebraska custom combining with a crew of 9 to 10 people.
    I realize this isn't a camping story, but we did live in a big Army surplus 12 man tent. Oh the stories I could tell you about our time down South.
    Well anyway on our way down to were the crops were ready it got dark and we pulled into a rest area to spend the night. This rest area had picnic tables with roofs over them. So instead of unpacking and setting up the big tent we decided to just set up our cots under the shelters.
    It was a hot night so, my brother Tim had set his cot and the edge of the shelter on the incoming wind side.
    During the night a tremendous storm came up. It started out as a huge lightning storm and then started to pour rain. Well anyway the rest of us woke up and moved our cots so that we were out of the rain, but Tim just laid there getting wet. Not only did it rain on him, but the rain that hit the roof ran off onto him also. When the storm past we asked him why he didn't get up and move his cot, he said he was afraid to stand up because he thought he would get hit by lightning, so he just laid there getting soaked.
    But maybe not setting up the tent turned out to be a good decision after all. It was about 16 feet tall and may have gotten hit by lightning.

  3. Here is another camping story.

    Back to that 12 man tent. One year when we went South to custom combine, we forgot the center pole for it. Well we figured what the heck we would just use a 16 foot 2 X 4 instead. The pole was about 2 1/2 inches, so a 2 by 4 should be strong enough, right.
    One of the crew, after looking at it said "That won't hold the tent up". We just scoffed at him and told him it was bigger the pole we didn't have.
    Well, it was about 5 or 6 days later, when he went into the tent by him self. Shortly after he went in there was a loud crack and the tent came down. The first thing out of his mouth was "I didn't do any thing to it" We kept teasing him about it, but went and bought a 4 X 4 board to replace it.
    I had wondered about the strength of the 2 X 4 also. It had a tendency to bow some.

  4. The boat in question is an Adirondack Guide Boat and was rowed rather that paddled. They are built of wood and are very light because they were designed to be hand carried between the many lakes found in the Adirondack mountains of New York.
    Originally built for use by guides taking their "sports" sishing the chair is for the customer while the guide did all the hard work and rowing.
    I used one back in the fifties when I was a company forester and they are wonderful boats for work and recreation.

  5. Hello PJM,
    This is the first time I have written a comment but have enjoyed everything about your blog including all the great comments by your fans and followers.

    I felt I needed to make a comment today simply because I have grown up going on canoe trips with my parents every year. We would go up to the middle of Canada most years, but one particularly memorable year was when my dad and I went with 22 guys (we were Boy Scouts) up to upper Minnesota where we took canoes up into Canada on a 90 mile, 7 day trip into the wild. Plenty of portages and rapids helped to help make this trip fun and memorable, but the way that I'll always remember the date is the fact that we were under the stars the night man landed on the moon. We saw the light from a cabin and jumped in our canoes to see if we could watch the landing on TV. We got there but all they had was a radio which played the awesome words as they stepped on the moon. We decided not to pitch tents that night and sat watching the moon and thinking about the historical things happening up there. It was a trip that is etched in my memory forever!

    Thank you PJM, for hosting this wonderful site! I enjoy it almost every day!

  6. Camping and canoeing are certainly wonderful activities. One of the most wonderful attributes they have is that they are limited experiences - you get to go back home to good old comfort. PJM, you are about to embark on the "camping" trip of a lifetime. I am not sure you are up for the wilds of Africa. Just think, no internet, no phone, no TV, what are you going to do???

    Good Luck! :-)

  7. Everyone says camping is wonderful, but I was afraid of it. I never liked bugs, swimming, or the outdoors. My mother made me go to Girl Scout Camp when I was in the fourth or fifth grade back in the early 1960s - "Camp Cookie" in RI.

    I would always hide under the bed until the bus came. My younger sister wanted to go, but I was terrified. My poor mother would say - You don't want to be called a coward, do you?" And I said "Yes, call me a coward - I don't care." My mother only wanted me to have fun, but I wasn't having any part of it.

    I think my mother got the idea that I would like camp because her younger sister went to an exclusive all-summer camp in New Hanpshire for most of her childhood and adolescence; and she loved it - but I wasn't my aunt.

    It's funny in retrospect, but I was pretty upset about it at the time.

  8. love that photo; that snapshot in time.


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