Friday, November 11, 2011


Today's picture was taken in about 1935, and it shows a very early form of commercial air travel. The plane is actually a twin engine biplane with closed passenger compartment. I had never seen one like this before. The picture was taken at an airport in Israel.


  1. For its time that was one sleek looking De Havilland dh.89 Dragon Rapide.
    it was a six/eight-passenger airliner was a scaled-down, twin engined version of the D.H.86 Dragon four-engined biplane airliner.

  2. That is a good looking aircraft. What is the tiny prop on the upper wing just out from the windows? An airpseed indicator?

    Speaking of biplanes I recently found a cool blog of a fellow in Georgia who is restoring a Curtiss Jenny. So far a six year labor of love. Definately worth a look.

  3. recumbent conspiracy theorist

    I'm pretty sure that it is a generator to keep the batteries charged up

  4. Dadd,

    Yes that sounds good. I found a picture that shows the plane a bit closer up. It sure looks like a magneto or automotive type alternator stuck on the wing.

    I like aviation history but just don't know alot about the nuts and bolts side of it.

  5. The best time came and went today.
    11 seconds after 11 minutes after 11 o'clock.
    In other words
    I guess it will happen again tonight.

  6. Great blog site! The idea that Israel would be on the cutting edge of technology in the bygone day of 1935 is cool!

  7. Has anyone seen the new British Airways commercial? It's simply excellent, and this particular plane, as well as the DC 3 (pictured in another one of these photos) appears in it.

    I've linked in the ad to my blog. It's well worth watching:


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