Monday, October 31, 2011

Summer Camp

Today's picture shows a group of boys at Summer Camp. The picture is from the 1920's. The picture reminds me of one of the most important aspects of camping . . . eating. When I was in Boy Scouts during normal camp outs you cooked over a camp fire, but at Summer Camp, they had a mess hall and you got to eat in there. I remember it as being pretty good food.


  1. The same for me when I went to Boy Scout summer camp. Only we didn't have an evening meal, that was cooked at our campsite which was probable 1 mile away from the main hall.
    If you wanted something like a candybar or bottle of soda pop you had to go to the main hall for that kind of stuff. They also sold different craft items there.
    I remember buy a kit to make myself a pair of moccasins. It took about 1/2 hour to string them together.
    They would have roaming bonfires at different campsites ever evening. We would gather around, roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories.

  2. Isn't it funny, how we forget things in our past until something like a photo or a remark brings those memories flooding back.

  3. Good inspiration for writing! Thank you!

  4. I remember during a Girl Scout camp out when sleeping one night under a large pavilion, a skunk came among us. Fortunately most of the girls were asleep or we would have had hysteria on the girls' part followed by mass spraying on the skunk's part. The few of us that were awake calmly stayed in our sleeping bags and watched the skunk make his rounds. The only thing he did was to steal the Leader's cigarettes. Maybe he was a chain smoker looking for a fix.

  5. Never was in Boy Scouts, no wonder my personality is warped.
    On a completely different note, Kim Komando has tips today on online funding and stuff for missions, maybe some of interest to you or your daughter, can check it out at

    I think this is good today only.

  6. I was in the Campfire girls and we had two weeks of summer camp every year. There were several camp sites named after American Indians. We were assign a campsite and tent mate. The mess hall was a lodge down by the lake and the meals were the best. I knew how to swim, so I did not have to take lessons. I graduated to the boats. I learn to row a boat, paddle and gunal in a canoe, sail and kyak. We listened to stories about the great white wolf around the campfire.
    Everything seem so carefree, except for the catfish in the lake, their whiskers were sharp and were always poking at your legs.

  7. PJM--You ought to set up another donation site where we could Paypal you a little money to help with your Tilapia/hydroponics project. Bet you would be able to get enough to set up a deluxe system there next summer. I think that would be something that all of your readers could get behind.

  8. KennyD,
    Thanks for the comment. I need to do more research. I am thinking maybe try and get one up and working here. Then I could see what the critical parts are. Then see what could be bought over there. The issue is trying to ship anything over there. I will keep you posted.

  9. -Nice one , i also had been there . It was so awesome , btw . Your blog was fantastic , keep it ups . Iloveit ..


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