Sunday, October 23, 2011

School Bus

I certainly enjoyed all the comments and discussion yesterday. It appears that most of the memories are centered around School Buses. So, I will give you another picture of an old school bus, and hope your stories and memories continue again today.

I did not ride the bus to school, but was in band and other extracurricular activities, so went on lots of bus trips. I read one comment yesterday from recumbent conspiracy theorist reminiscing about kids sitting on the back of the bus so they could chew tobacco without the driver seeing. Where I went to school there was no rule against kids chewing tobacco on the bus, or if there were rules they were not enforced. So, on every trip you would have a number of students chewing or dipping on the bus. On one particularly long and hot trip, all the side windows on the bus were open and we were driving down the highway. The kid in the front seat was dipping Copenhagen the whole way. He finally reached the point that his spit cup was completely full. Not understanding the subtleties of wind dynamics in a bus at full speed going down the highway with the windows open, he simply stuck his cup out the window and dumped it. Any of you that have traveled much with the windows down know that whatever goes out the front seat window comes right back into the back seats. So, when he dumped his cup out the window, all the contents came back into the bus through the other windows and sprayed everyone behind him with the contents of his cup. It was only the driver who prevented this young man from being beaten to a bloody pulp that day. Luckily the driver was in front of the kid, and did not get sprayed. Otherwise I feel the young man would not have lived through that day. 


  1. I didn't look at the school building in the back ground before, but it looks exactly like the public school in my neighborhood. It was not being used when I was a kid (I don't know why) It just sat there empty.

    When I was in college, I was on the football team. On trips there was one guy that like to put his can of chew under the nose of others that had fallen asleep. I guess it is very irritating to the inside of your nose.
    Well any way, one trip he was sitting one row ahead of me on the other side. I saw he take out his can of chew and start to look around. I quickly closed my eyes and acted like I was asleep. Sure enough here came the can of chew. When he got just inches from my face, I opened my eyes and acted like I was going to bite his hand. He jerked his hand back so far that he dumped the whole can into the lap of his seat mate (the biggest player on the team).
    You know, after that for some reason he never did his little trick again.

  2. Oh my goodness you guys. I read all this before breakfast. I'll just have another cup of coffee...have a great day.

  3. I don't see any rear view mirrors, wonder if they had rear view cameras ???
    Great picture, looks like the bus might be a late 30's diamond Reo, at first I thought International but the emblem looks different.
    Where I went to school it was too cold to chew, water on bus floor would turn to ice except near the heater, so nobody I knew chewed.

  4. You can't get away with anything these days on a school bus. Ours all have cameras recording every move. The schools are loaded with cameras as well. And I don't live in Detroit. I live in a "small town in Texas".

    "Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither"
    Ben Franklin

  5. My wife has driven school buses for 26 years. We never had children of our own, so these children she took under her to speak.

    It's been an interesting life for her. She has seen children change as our society changes. In some areas that has been a good others.....not so good.

    She has seen these children on their first day of school, wide eyed and scared as they entered a new world that would in some cases be a big influential part of who they are as individuals and their futures.

    We have been to many weddings as the once innocent children who took their first step on the bus, later grew up and became adults.

    People often underestimate school bus drivers who take care of the safety of their children through rain, hail, sleet and snow. They guard their safety from impatient drivers and even some other students.
    A good school bus driver is part mother, part psychologist and at a times part referee.

    She has enjoyed her many years driving and even when she was offered an office job at the bus lines she turned it down to stay driving the children.

    I admire my wife and many, many other bus drivers....some who have had 40 to 50 years service. It is a dedication that too many often take for granted.

  6. Takes all kinds I guess. My bus driver in junior high was an alcoholic. He looked like a down and out version of Lee Ermey. When the bus made a sharp turn or abrupt stop you would here bottles clanking together. A few times and empty rolled back from the driver. He got us to school and back so no problem. He also laughed out loud and called out "Heh, heh. You cryin' yet Marso?" when a bunch of us ganged up on a big mouth trouble maker. I guess he was watching in the mirror.
    Ah the good old days.


  7. I didn't ride buses in elementary school except for two years when we lived in rural western Pennsylvania with my Gramdmother while Daddy was in Viet Nam. I don't remember that very much because I was so young.

    The next bus rides were in the suburbs half way between Baltimore and Washington. The bus driver always had country music blaring, which I hated. There were a lot of tough kids there who did drugs and carried knives.I kept quiet and stayed out of the way.

    For high school, the routes changed, thankfully. The rides were at least an hour long and since our school was on split sessions, school lasted from 7AM to 12noon for tenth graders and from noon to 5PM for 11th and 12th. My best friend was now on the bus, her stop was one before mine, so we chatted and did homework together except when it was too cold to write. Alas, that driver was a Barry Manilow fan, not as bad as country and western but definitely irritating in large doses.
    The high school bus was overcrowded, so we had to sit three to a seat for about half the ride, not so fun, but we were warmer in the winter.

  8. Great story PJM. Tobacco can be harmful to your health in more ways than you think!

    Yes it is nice to hear peoples memories from riding the bus. Mostly though I rode my bicycle to school.

  9. REO Speedwagon? I remember this is how the group got it's name!

  10. I rode school buses for a couple of years in Junior High and I rode a lot of Marching Band and Athletic buses. I always had a fun time. Then, about 10 years back, my guy and I rode a Greyhound bus from Iowa to Mission, Tx. Now, if you want stories . . . ride a Greyhound south at Easter time.

  11. nice stories :)
    as for me the only time I took the bus was when my school had a fire drill we used the bus to practice evacuation, when I got on I was the last the driver just drove fast before I sat down :S but the trip was very short only 50 meters that it :D



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