Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mystery Person Contest

OK, here we go with the contest!


  1. Is it going to be train week?

  2. RTD,
    Yes, it is Jack Delano, government photographer during the great depression, AND

    Yes, it is going to be train week!

  3. I would have guessed O. Winston Link. Oh well. Train week! Cool!

  4. Hurrah for train week.
    Those old iron horses were a fascination of mine.
    When I was a kid we lived a couple of blocks from a main Northern Pacific RR line.
    Many an hour was spent watching them roll by.
    I remember how the engine kept getting bigger and bigger. I think the biggest I ever saw had 16 drivers on each side. Then they came out with those diesel/electric locomotives, and all the fun was gone.

  5. I still remember as a kid of 5 or 6, when we took a trip out west.

    Several times we were on highways paralleling rail lines and I got to see some of these big monsters roaring along blowing smoke, pulling what seemed like miles of cars behind them.

  6. You are quick this morning, RTD. Congrats. I was hoping it was an 'Identify the Engine' mystery, instead of a person mystery. But, you could probably tell us that, too.

  7. There is just something very appealing about the old steam locomotives. Train week sounds great!

  8. or maybe great drepression photos that Delano took. But I do love train photos too!! lam,IL

  9. Marny and I took a tour of the 5 old timey trains in Colorado this summer. Standing in the open car, you could feel the "cinders" hitting you...felt like water sometimes, small bugs other times. The smell of the coal burning engine was wonderful (to me - she didn't like it) Great time, wonderful tour, take it if you get a chance. "Colorado Vintage Railroads"

  10. RTD, I think you're a little bit mistaken - no locomotive has ever had sixteen drivers on each side. There's been sixteen drivers total, but not on each side.

    PJM, as a modern railroader, I'm very excited for this week! I've been working in historic rail/passenger rail for five years now, and I'm happy that railroads are getting their due time on OPotD!

  11. I think RTD is getting close to "Nate" status for mystery person Saturday. It may be time for a duel. Mano a Mano. Wadda ya think?

    The train in todays picture is an absolute Beast. I'm sure people were mindful of that cow catcher on front, the cows probably weren't.
    Check out the size of that boiler plate and web of line and connections. Pressure, created by steam, controls every action down the Topeka and Santa Fe. RR.

    When I was a kid my parents took me on the Cog Railway up Mt. Washington. Not the first train I was on but the first one I remember. Straight up on the Cog.


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