Sunday, October 30, 2011

Girls Swimming

Today's picture features a group of girls swimming. The picture was taken in 1925 at Arlington Beach. You can see the Washington Monument in the background. Yesterday's and todays pictures really remind me of summer camp. So do any of you all have fond (or otherwise) memories of summer camp? I went to summer camp with the Boy Scouts, and always thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you will share your memories this week as we look at summer recreation from a bygone era.

Domestic Update:

Happy Orphans at the African Village of Mattaw

I have been really enjoying keeping up with the work of the Lovely Miss EAM. For those of you new to the blog, she is my daughter. She just got her RN degree, and thanks in large part to the generosity of the good people on this blog, she is presently serving as the village nurse at the Mattaw Orphan Village in Africa. She is also coordinating their efforts to actually build a small  medical clinic in the village.

To be honest with you though, I am finding myself extremely jealous of her. I was always the one with the most interesting travels and stories. Now, I fear she has surpassed me, and has become a true adventurer. Where she lives is pretty much the last outpost of civilization, and just to her north are the tribal regions and no-man lands of Africa. As she relays stories to me of what is happening in that part of the world, I become intrigued and would very much like to be a part of it.

So, Mrs. PJM and I have decided to take a little trip to Africa over Christmas to get a little taste of the adventure. Look forward to good times with the lovely Ms. EAM, and some wonderful African Cooking.


  1. Good for you two. Please takes lots of photos and take notes and let us in on the adventure. Who is going to mind the compound while you are gone?

  2. Rebecca,
    The lovely Mrs. RAM (my mom) will be tending the compound while we are gone.

    I plan to pre-write the blog postings before I go, autoschedule them to post each morning. But I will take lots of pictures, and when I find an internet connection, I will give you all a live update.

  3. have a good trip and try not to get eaten by a lion and stay away from the rhinos they dont take to strangers to well

  4. I thought this was going to be Canoeing week, and I had more adventures to post about canoeing.
    So I guess I will post another adventure now

    The aluminum canoes were lighter and easier to paddle, but if the wind came up on a big lake, it would push you right to the shore line. We that happened to me the first time, it was the last time I told one. From that day on I always took a old fashioned wood one. That was in the days before fiberglass canoes.

  5. Dadd,
    We might see some more canoes this week . . . I left the topic a little general on Summer Recreation. Keep your stories coming

  6. Make sure you put a lock on the shed that mas your tractor and your cars in it.
    Remember the last time your Mother was there by herself.

    Maybe you can set up a hydroponics garden for them while you are there.

    Enjoy yourself.

  7. Dadd,
    Thanks for the reminder . . . dont leave the tractor unatended.

    On hydroponics . . . what I would love to do would be to investigate Aquaponics for them. You have a huge fish tank and grow tilapia. The dirty water from the fish tank is used to feed hydroponic lettuce. The lettuce cleans the water, which then goes back to the fish tank. A closed system where you get both fish and vegetables to eat.

  8. What a great idea. Go for it. It would be nice to have the money to set something like that up for them.

  9. DADD,
    I would not have time over Christmas to get an aquaponics system going for them. It would take more like a summer (hmmmm).

    There is a system that is about $3,000 that is the complete turnkey system that would grow 200 pounds of fish at a time and a huge vegetable bed. Issue would be shipping it to Africa. Perhaps if I got one here, I could figure out how it works and then build one in Africa next summer.

    Hmmmm . . . anyone up for spending next summer in Africa with me making Mattaw food self sufficient?

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  11. Africa, have a wonderful time!

    Ahh,swimming in the Potomac, I live near the Potomac. It is very wide, about 10 or 12 miles at the mouth.

    I don't know if people swim in the Potomac near Washington anymore. The river is very treacherous to swim in at points south of the city because of a lot of very deep sink holes and strange currents. The river looks deceptively calm. Every year there is a tragic story about some folks drowning.The long time natives don't swim in it, just visitors. There are warning signs but unfortunately people ignore them.

    The Potomac always reminds me of traffic jams and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. I have spent hours looking at the river from the bridge, while sitting in traffic. I think the longest I have ever sat there was about 20 minutes. This photo is very similar to the view from the bridge.

  12. Nice to see the smile on the African boy's face. Seems all we ever see over here is images of the suffering.

  13. what a fantastic adventure. I'm anxious to see you in pictures with little Peter and your lovely daughter. Have a great trip.

  14. looking forward to your Christmas travel stories and your reunion with your daughter . . . but meanwhile, summer Church camp in Iowa. Pride. I had rowed a wooden fishing boat exactly two times for about 10 minutes each time but while at summer Church camp, the counselor asked for experienced "rowers" and I stepped forward. So I rowed, slowly and inexpertly, a boy and his girl friend across the lake while I wished I was the girlfriend! I "gotterdone"; we beached that boat. Safely -- and I breathed a great sigh of relief. : )

  15. Sorry wrong canoe story earlier.

    While I was at Scouting camp one summer. Three of use were out in one of the sleek wooden canoes. We had a guy come by and buzzed us in his boat. This was in the mid-fifties, so there weren't a lot of big boat around then. He had a 35 HP Johnson motor. It kind of ticked us off the way he laughed at us because of the waves he made with his wake.
    So we decided to see what all our training could produce. We started to chase him down. We got our rhythm going and put our "pedal to the metal", so to speak.
    You should have seen the look on his face when we caught up to him. But we gave up after that, because we were pretty well spent.
    But we had a great time see what we could do.


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