Saturday, October 15, 2011

Coffee Week

I know that you are all expecting Mystery Person contest. Here is the deal. Technology has progressed to the point that the mystery person contest can be solved by just dragging and dropping the image onto Google Image Search. At first I avoided this by editing the picture somewhat, but now technology is such that just about any picture can be found even if it has been edited.

The mystery person contest was great fun for the last few years, but alas, has run its course. We tip our hat to Nate Maas, the greatest player to ever play the game.

Now, this week is going to be Coffee Week at OPOD. We start with this picture from 1942 of a grand Espresso machine in a New York coffee shop.


  1. Boy you talk about bells and whistles, this thing looks like it has it all.

  2. Sure now you tell me about Google Image Search. I never heard of it. I'm going to give it try on some of your past OPOD's

  3. They sure make it sound easy, but I didn't get anywhere at all on Google image search. I guess I'm not smart enough on computors to get-er-done

  4. RTD: Just click on the image and drag it to the Google image search field. Works like a charm.

    I'm gonna miss the mystery person contest, it has been fun the last couple of years! But it must have been a lot of work, PJM is entitled to a lot of free Saturdays!

    (I could add that planning world domination takes a lot of work, but I leave that to Nate :-).

  5. I can't help but notice how the guy bears a strong resemblance to his coffee maker. Just like how they say people look like their pets.

  6. He does look like the pot! lol. I wonder if the coffee was good.

    I too have thoroughly enjoyed the mystery contests! Not only the many unsuccessful searches I went on, but the people from history that I met in the process. Thank you!

    I still enjoy the daily pictures and thoughts they provoke, however.

  7. Well ROB, I did try that, but I must be doing something wrong.

    See now we have messed up. With out PJM having to spend his time on the contest, he will have more time to spend on world domination.
    Watch out world once PJM get every thing caught up!

  8. Boo! I never cheated & I bet neither did many others. The Mystery Contest was great fun. Please reconsider.

  9. Congratulations, Nate Maas! (Or, the evil Nate Maas or ENM as we have come to know you.)

    And, Mr. PJM, thank you for teasing our brains all these years on Saturdays.

  10. Oh dear! No reason to get out of bed on Saturdays anymore! Well, perhaps you will have time for more entertaining domestic updates. ;- )

  11. Yes, I loved the domestic updates.

  12. dang! I didn't know about google image search. You can bet if I had known, I would have tried it! No wonder I was always the last one to submit a guess . . . I spent all that time dropping word clues into google . . . it's sad being old and clueless!

  13. Say it ain't so, PJM!

    It's certainly the end of an era. Thanks for the fun and great memories! Not to get all nostalgic, but you had me hooked on the game after your marvelous Dr. Woods riddle back in February of '09. I could rattle off a several such favorites, but it would make me sad right now.

    As was mentioned by others, I've enjoyed both playing and making the online acquaintance of so many fine people (from Perth to Amersfoort) and from whom I've learned so much.


    Well, I'm happy to say I read your blog before Mystery Person began and I'll continue to do so now that's it's over.

    Happy trails!

  14. PJM;

    Nate is right, it is the end of an era. It was great looking at a photo, and trying to ascertain some detail in the clothes or background to get clues to the person's identity.

    Thanks for making our Saturday mornings enjoyable.

  15. I never knew any of the pictures but I've followed silently with pure enjoyment - and I'll continue to do so. :)

  16. Keep up with the mystery person. At the very least it was educational!

  17. Thank you PJM for all the Mystery Person Contests. Being at the far side of the world I was normally unable to compete but I enjoyed reading all the comments when I finally logged on.
    The highlight of the contest and this blog in general is the great people on here with their interesting stories and intelligent points of view. It is what makes this blog my favourite and go-to first site when I open up my computer each day.
    I am looking forward to coffee week as I am a huge fan of good coffee, the process to bring me the magic brew and the history and culture surrounding it.
    Thank you all for being here.


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