Sunday, September 4, 2011


Good Sunday Morning to you all. I bet after the mystery person contest yesterday you thought this week's theme would be on the opera. Well, you would be wrong. This week we will be exploring the glamorous side of smoking. Understand that this glamorous part just lasts a short while. Then you start smelling bad, your face shrivels up, and you end up with various dehabilitating lung disorders and coronary disease. However, for the first few cigarettes, there is a glamorous side, as illustrated in the picture above, taken in 1902.


OK, the big thing going on around here is that the Lovely Ms. EAM is preparing to depart for Africa. In fact, she will be leaving tomorrow. She has  raised the support she needs to get over there, have food for six months, and get back. In addition, she will be  taking several thousand dollars in medical equipment over there to have a good start on equipping a simple clinic. Many thanks to the great generosity of  visitors to this site who helped make this work possible. She will depart for Dallas/Fort Worth airport tomorrow. The airport is some 5 hours away, so Mrs. PJM and I will drive her to the airport. 

I was pleased to find that there are five construction workers from here that will be going to Mattaw tomorrow as well. They will go over, build a new house for a new batch of kids, and then come home. She will be traveling on the same itinerary as them, and they will help ensure she gets there safely. 


  1. I wonder what is suppose to be in the glass she is holding.
    I am not going to comment on the foul habit of smoking. I know some of your followers do smoke and will take offense to my remark, but it is a free country and I can say what I want about that foul filthy habit of smoking. If they want to burn holes in their clothes and furniture and carpeting, and cause their ceilings to turn yellow, that is their choice.

    Does EAM know any of these guys? It is a good thing that there will be somebody there that she does know, She may not have much contact with them, but it is someone she can talk that speaks Texan if she needs company.

  2. She almost appears to young to be drinking and smoking. The model that is, not EAM

  3. Good luck to Ms. EAM, and enjoy the experience. Even when hungry, hot, and homesick, there is still something to be learned, and experienced. God bless you and your journey tomorrow, Ms EAM!!

    I agree with RTD, smoking is dirty and smelly. But the picture is interesting.

  4. I also wish the best of luck to Ms. EAM in her journey and look forward to see photos from Africa...


  5. I guess Judi wanted me to give people who use Anonymous headings a refresher on how to put your name at the top of your comments.

    Below the comment bow is a heading that says "Choose an identity"
    Below that there is a heading that says "Name/URL" with a click button.
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  6. Thanks a lot for the refresher! Very easy!

  7. that looks like a manufactured cigarette??? Did they have manufactured cigarettes in 1902?? Maybe she used a cigarette machine to roll her own??

    I used to smoke..enjoyed it in the early days. Later on, became just a habit. Quit in 1987.

  8. Back in 1918 a patient in St. Louis died of a very rare disease. The doctor doing the autopsy called together all of the residents and students, as well as any interested physicians, as it was unlikely they would ever again see such an illness.

    Lung Cancer.

    Does anyone remember when at the end of certain TV shows ("Topper" comes to mind) the star of the show would announce a list of VA hospitals to which the sponsors had sent cartons of cigarettes?

    How times have changed!

  9. As a very recent non smoker I will enjoy these vicariously, and long for a truth that they really do make us glamerous and know, kill us.

  10. Huzzah on EAM! I'm sure I can speak for all of us in hoping that you give us frequent updates.

    Oh the irony of this week's topic! I opened up OPOD right after accepting a request from a friend to be her Quit Smoking Buddy. The arrangement is that she will call me and whine, and I, as a former smoker, will be a firm yet kind and loving friend.

  11. Times have changed. I collect advertising cigarette lighters. Of note one has the BlueCross/ BlueShield logo and name. The other St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver. If I find a lighter advertising baby food I will be done collecting.


  12. I never smoked a day in my 76 years. My mother and father both were smokers. My husband was a smoker.As a result, I now have emphysema caused from secondhand smoke.

  13. i started smoking at around age 15...i kicked the habit at 29 and still a non smoker 13 yrs hence... its very difficult to quit but it CAN BE DONE!!!


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