Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Old Midwife

Today's picture shows an old midwife in Greene County, Georgia. The picture was taken in 1941. 

Wow, we had lots of interesting comments yesterday. It seems like the conversation got around to the "Pain of Childbirth". I can remember the birth of our daughter. We had taken that class on how to breathe in natural childbirth. What they don't tell you is that the role of the man in the Natural Childbirth is to be the Whipping Boy. Yep, Mrs. PJM cursed the day of my birth as our daughter was born. Eighteen hours of  Mr. PJM not doing anything right. It was a Saturday, and there was a TV in the room. It was in about the 14th hour of labor, and I was exhausted, so I turned the TV on to watch an old rerun of Bonanza. It was the episode where Hoss and Little Joe bought an old mule without telling Ben Cartright. Well, anyway, Mrs. PJM did not want the TV on and she was not even polite in the manner in which she instructed me that there would be no Bonanza watching in the labor room. I throw that out there just in case any young men end up in a similar situation . . . during labor, women appear to not be favorably inclined to have Hoss and Little Joe on the TV.


  1. What memories you bring back! In our case my husband decided on Maverick with Jim Garner. He's never heard the end of it & our son is now in his 30s. At least I can laugh about it now - which I did while reading your account! Thanks for the LOL.

  2. I just read the rest of yesterdays comments.
    I know some deliveries are hard and some are very hard. I cannot comment on the hard ones, but my wife had her baby so fast the the nurses kept tell her to wait because the doctor wasn't there yet. I heard the comments through the door (I wasn't allowed in there). Her's went so easy the she didn't even mess up her hair. But they still kept her and the baby in the hospital for 3 days.
    I do feel sorry for those you have had hard deliveries.

  3. It looks as if my comments stirred up an ol' hornet's nest yesterday.
    I'm not saying that childbearing is easy, I'm saying that back in the day the women were tougher than most are today!
    My mom didn't have modern appliances to help her along with the household chores. She didn't go to the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread, she actually made it---and on an old coal stove that was fired up all year (winter and the hottest summer day).
    Today's women have it too easy and want to have both sides of the coin. In my time a woman's place was in the home, to make the dinner and keep the house clean and raise the kids.
    My old man worked fourteen hour days in the coal mines so by the time he got home he was exhausted. And in the Winter time from December until around Early March he never even saw the light of day as he entered the pits before sunrise and left after sunset.
    I am sorry if people get upset if I talk about the way it used to be, but if this country is ever gonna get back on track people need to grow a backbone---including the ladies!
    Keep posting the pics young man, and Ill keep lookin' at 'em.

  4. This to "Mean old Man", Why shouldn't women have things that make her work easier? Most women have two jobs. One at home and one outside the home. Men invented things to make their work easier. My Dad walked behind a plow and a mule. I, myself pulled a cotton sack with a strap around my neck & chest. Men come home at night and think their day is finished. Supper is on the table, They can stretch out on the couch and watch their ball game. Women come home and start on their second job, which is never ending.

  5. We were in Southern Italy for the birth of our son. At that time there were no American facilities to handle child birth in Italy, so all the expectant mothers were shipped to Wiesbaden, Germany about 2 to 3 weeks before the birth. They then came back about 10 days afterwards. I missed all the action as I was required to stay in Southern Italy.

    Mean ole Man - there are relatively few of us alive today that would have made it back in the days of the pioneer. Most of us are too soft and would have been among those left in graves as the real pioneers made their way west.

  6. I don't think you can say the women or men today are not as tuff as the old days. If we ever have to go back to the old ways and that is your only job.....I am pretty sure most of us could handle it. The trick is getting everything done in todays world. It's not about just cooking and cleaning and raising kids. Now we have to do that and work full time, volunteer for projects and events, help the neighbors, and on and on and on. So before you make such broad statements, give a little credit to the young working Moms and Dads out there. Their lives are stressed and busy and they just might welcome going back to the simpler times.

  7. You gotta ask yourself why is it that both parents work two jobs? The reason is not for survival, but to keep up with the Joneses!
    Every family (including my own two sons) has to have the latest gadget; the big screen tv; the cell phones for the kids (which really makes no sense) the big vacation once or twice a year. The only way you can pay for these luxurys is for both the mom and dad to work.
    In my day we lived within our means and we didn't replace something just because a better version of it came along. I still have an old Admiral TV that I bought over 40 years ago...and a Philco fridge that still is ten times better than a modern one.
    The family unit is shattering because everyone is going after materials things and forgetting about morals!!! Dang!!!!!
    Mom "could" stay home if she didn't either want kids and a career, too!
    I have no problem with a young lady wanting to have a career, but if she gets married and has children she should forget the career until the children are 18.
    Kids today are spoiled and messed up on drugs and the parents are nowhere to be found because their too busy working to pay for things they don't need, and ignoring the most important thing--a good, moral life!!

  8. looks like some people are really stuck in the past i think its time we all realize we all get old and things will always change (for better or worse)we just have to adapt to the times because reliving the past gets pretty depressing sometimes. Todd from NC

  9. PJM,
    They don't like sports on TV either. I had the Celtics on that night. That might be worse than the Westerns you and Judi's hubby had on. I was told that I was an inconsiderate, good for nothing, so and so that night. Funny but 5 mins before she was telling me how much she loved me. Go figure.

  10. Preach it mean ole man! I am a women in her late 50"s. My husband and I have 6 children and 15 grandchildren. Seemed like common sense kicked in when we had our first and all the things we didn't really need went out the window as we knew our main responsibility was feeding and making a good home for our child. Today we see too many using food stamps but buying cigarettes and getting tattoos. I think more old timers need to speak up. We are the ones paying the bill for these grown-up babies. BTW i had all six naturally and thank God they all deliveries went very well. Yes it hurt but the Lamaze method did help. I also breast fed each one for 1 year and they are all quite healthy adults!

  11. Wow, The back and forth is good stimulation for the brain. There are alot of Mom's out there that take exception to "MOM". I just had to point out that little play on words. I can totally respect MOM's opinion but I think Jeepgirl summed up my point of view best. Well said! Like Billy Joel once said, "The good ole days weren't always good and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems".

  12. Who knew Nurse week would have such an effect?
    I'm enjoying these pictures. I appreciate the way things were, and am grateful for the way things are now.

  13. I'm 50, I had all 4 of my children naturally, and breast-fed 3 out of 4 of them. My ex-husband was present at 3 out of 4 births. Yes, I am divorced for serious reasons,and I have raised my 4 children on my own. All 4 of my kids are nice, polite, caring young adults. I'm here to tell people that sometimes Moms work 1,2,or 3 jobs to support their children so they can have what they need NOT the newest tech gadget. Please dont lump all of us working mothers in the same category. I had to work because my ex-husband couldnot, and still is not able to keep a job! PJM~love the pics and your blog!!!!

  14. Men should not be involved in the delivery of their children.

  15. I love these midwife photos. I had a natural birth at my home with a midwife and I'm pretty sure I didn't get frustrated too much while WE watched Entourage {on HBO} in bed.

  16. I like the photo. I noticed a tin of Johnson's baby powder, It doesn't look too different from the modern containers.

    Mean Old Man is right about the rampant materialism in America. However housing, even for starter homes, in some areas( if you can find any) are so high that it is very difficult to make it on one income. And a Mother not at home is hard on the family.

    There are an awful lot of people out there who think the government should solve every problem they face, and use someone else's money to do it. These folks are weak and without the gumption and faith in God that made America a great nation. Our country has serious problems.

  17. Mean Ol Man, my mother and probably yours, didn't have access or the worldliness (in my Mama's case) to use birth control. I've always wondered if my mother had had the knowledge, would I have been born? signed, the 8th of 9 children.

    PS: once our Mamas had that baby in the oven (as they used to say), what were they going to do but go forward and have that child. So, bless my Mama's heart and yours, I loved my Mother with all my being and miss her the same, but if my Mama had had options, would her life and mine, turned out differently?

  18. I had a crush on Little Joe. I would allow some Bonanza reruns during childbirth.