Friday, September 30, 2011

Nurse and Child

Today's picture was taken in 1905, and it shows a nurse caring for a baby. The picture was taken at the Junior Sea Breeze hospital in New York City. The hospital was supported by Rockefeller, and was dedicated to helping children.


  1. I have enjoyed the pics this mother was a nurse for over 40 years. I can still see her nurse's cap stuck on the refregerator...she'd wash it, starch it, then stick it on the door to dry flat and stiff...then in the morning she'd peel it off and fold it. She was very proud of her cap and pin...

  2. My mom and her sister were RN's. My son is also an RN.It is a good field, helping others, is always in demand, pays well and cannot be out sourced to India!
    It is also useful when raising children, my mom always knew just how to take care of us.

  3. The Junior Sea Breeze Hospital was set up to benefit low income children suffering from ailments related to poor living conditions of NYC. Tuberculosis was the primary concern. The hospital was located at 64th Street and the East River (fresh sea air was thought to be helpful in the treatment of TB). The location is now part of the Rockefeller University medical research complex.

    My wife had to wear a nurses uniform and hat during her dental assisting school in the late 1970's. She looked pretty good in that get up. We got married soon after.


  4. I enjoy all of your pictures all of the time. I love old stuff like that. You have a great following of people who never comment. This is my first time to comment.

  5. Your comments fell way off when you imposed the "Topic Which Shall Not Be Mentioned".

  6. RTD, you might have hexed this post by mentioning that taboo subject!

    But I just wanted to add that I too respect all nurses, every one, every day. I have had RNs that far surpassed the doctors they worked for with compassion and information and understanding. Of course, I have had had some great doctors too. I, too, miss the days of the starched white caps and the dress code that would identify aide from LPN from RN. I'm sure I have asked aides what my vitals were and asked the RNs to mop up the bathroom floor. But bless their hearts, all. I have enjoyed the photos and the discussion and the give and take this week. Thanks!